Tips for Getting Sh*t Done


Sorry about the title, it's just the first thing that came to mind.

I swear I'm not a potty mouth!!!!

Okay, I kind of am.

But I used an asterisk instead of spelling it out completely, so that makes it more innocent!!!!

I am an innocent potty mouth.

Okay I'm getting side tracked. Back to business! :P

As a business owner, it's important to make the most of your time and learn how to be extra efficient so that you can not only get everything done, but still have a life.

Which reminds me, I've got a post on 10 tips to be more productive right here!

Yep, I'm a true believer in the saying, "Work smarter not harder."

My goal is to always be as efficient as possible, to get as much done as possible, and in the least amount of time as possible.

So. Here are 3 tips for getting sh*t done!

Yes, you.

1. Schedule all of your work tasks.

Yo ... "if it's not scheduled, then it's not real!"

Seriously. You need to be writing down EXACTLY what needs to get done, breaking everything down into small, doable steps and then scheduling it ALL.

No excuses, buttercup!

When you DON'T schedule everything, sucky things happen like:

  • You waste lots of time

  • You forget important things

  • You feel overwhelmed and potentially frazzled

  • Lack clear focus

So choose your favorite digital planner or tangible planner and get to scheduling.

Mmmmkay? Doooo it!

Why, yes I DO sell planners especially for creative entrepreneurs, why do you ask?

Yes … yes there's one "F word" inside of my planner. 

But we already established at the beginning of this post that I'm a bit of a potty mouth.

Right?! Right.


2. Create and use a client workflow sheet.

This is especially important if you do freelance work.

For me, back when I used to run my photography business it was super important that each and every client I worked with had a great experience.

And not only that, but it was also important that each great experience I gave to clients would be consistent with everyone.

So that's why I created a list of literally ALL the steps I went through with each and every client- from the second they booked me to the very last e-mail after the wedding or shoot and beyond. I created a chart in Photoshop which I printed off that listed all of these steps, and then as soon as I booked a new client I would enter their name(s) onto the chart and check off each step as they were completed.

This allowed me to give every client the same great experience EVERY time.

Plus it also helped me to keep track of what I'd already done with each particular client and what still needed to be done for others.

3. Batch schedule your tasks.

I don't know about ya'll ... but I REALLY get into the zone when I start something.

And when I have to switch my focus on something else every 2 seconds?

I lose focus and then waste a sh*t tone of time!

So instead of multi-tasking, I batch schedule all of my like-tasks. 

For example, on Mondays I might batch schedule ALL of my social media for the month, while on Tuesdays I might shoot and edit all of my photos for upcoming blog posts.

Hell, I even try to run ALL of my same errands on the same day each week!

I swear, I'm obsessed with organizing things and lists.

They are the BEST THINGS EVER!!!!

Well, TWO of the best things ever.

First comes my family, friends, Mr. Purrie, coffee, laughing my head off …

you know, the usual.

Speaking of lists, I wrote a post on how to make the ultimate to-do list right here!

Oh yes and one more thing ...

You might also find this post on the ultimate guide to goal setting helpful!

What has been your best strategy for getting sh*t done?

Please share in the comments below!