7 Ways to be Happy Alone

Check out these 7 Ways to be happy alone! Before you can be happy with some one else, you need to learn to be happy for yourself.

Ah, being alone. Some people love it, others hate it. Some people prefer it, others are terrified of it. Whether it's being alone for just a couple days or for weeks, months or years, I think it's super important to learn to be happy.


Totally ... alone.

Just you ... and yourself. No one else.

Have I made my point yet about what alone means? Hehe, good! I've always been an introvert at heart, so being alone has never been a problem for me. In fact, I require time alone in order to recharge and not go crazy! But I've also been single and "alone" for months and years at a time. Sure, I felt a little lonely every now and then but ultimately, I was still happy on my own. 

I think being able to be happy alone is SO important, because if you aren't truly happy and comfortable being by yourself, then you are always going to depend on others (at least a little bit,) for your happiness.

And NO ONE should be responsible for making you happy except YOU.

(I mean that statue looks pretty happy by itself right?!)

So today I'm sharing 7 tips on how to be comfortable and yes ... even HAPPY being alone with your bad self!

1. Don't let your happiness depend on other people.

Yep, this goes directly with what I just said above. If you are constantly depending on others to make you happy, then you are constantly going to be disappointed. Plus, it really isn't fair to give some one else the responsibility for making you happy! Start with learning to love and be happy with yourself. You know, from deep within. One you are truly happy with yourself, you won't need to depend on others to make you feel happy. Your happiness should intensify with others, but never be relied on by others.

2. Practice self-love.

In order to be truly happy alone, you've gotta learn to love YOU. Notice (better yet WRITE DOWN) all the things that make you awesome. Show yourself some grace and forgive yourself for any past mistakes (because we ALL make them!) Surround yourself with positive people and cut out the people who effect your life negatively.

3. Get to know yourself.

This step goes along with learning to LOVE yourself. Use alone time to really get to know the person that you'll always be closest to ... YOU! Try new things, explore new places. Discover new interests and focus on old interests. Have you always wanted to try something? DO IT. Have you ever considered starting a new hobby or career? DO IT. Discover what makes you happy (both big things and little things,) and actually DO them. Incorporate them into your life! What makes you tick?

4. Realize there's a difference between being alone and being lonely.

Like Kelly Clarkson sings in her song 'Stronger,' "Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm aloooone!"

Just because you are alone doesn't mean that you don't have people in your life that love you. Friends, family ... they will love you even if you are on the other side of the world. Sure there might be times when you feel a bit lonely, but always remember that there ARE people who care about you. No matter WHERE you are. Just focus on cultivating inner love and happiness!

5. Chase what makes you happy.

Yep, this is a good one. And I wrote a whole blog post on HOW to chase your happy right here! So doooo it. Chase your happy.

6. Appreciate the present.

It's so easy do either dwell on the past and/or dwell on the future. While it's good to learn from the past and think about your future, dwelling on either of them is a waste of time! Learn to be in the moment and appreciate what is going on RIGHT NOW. It's super cliche but really ... now is ALL you have. The past is over and no future is guaranteed. (I know ... sounds a bit depressing right?) But there's no time like the present to learn to be happy, especially alone.

7. Reach out to others.

Don't be afraid to reach out to people! Invite a friend out for coffee or get in touch with some one who you haven't seen in years. Or even better, make some new friends! Yeah, that one can be pretty terrifying. But meeting new people and sharing new experiences is an amazing way to discover new things about yourself. Don't wait for some one to reach out to you, be the one to initiate.

Remember, life is TOO SHORT not to be happy! (Although I know there will obviously be rough patches in life that will make it extremely hard.) But if you learn to be happy alone, then it DOES make life easier. And let's face it, it also makes it way more fun.