How to Create a Killer Style Guide For Your Brand Step-by-Step

A step-by-step on how to create a killer style guide for your blog, and why it's so important!

Okay ya'll, grab your favorite beverage and let's get to work on creating a totally awesome style guide for your brand!

But first, what the sam hill IS a style guide, you might be wondering?

Well. It's a document that contains all of the exact colors, fonts, design elements, rules and guidelines for your brand.

And WHY exactly do you need one?

Well. Having one insures that not only will your brand's style look awesome and fit with your ideal client, but that it will also remain consistent throughout everything.

Say it with me: Strong Brands are Consistent!

It will also make sure that you are using the same colors, fonts, design elements, etc throughout ALL of the different aspects of your online business. Without one, it's easy for your brand to be inconsistent and sloppy and just sort of slosh out all over the place like soup sloshing out of a bowl.

Get my drift?

It might seem overwhelming at first, but this process is actually really fun and we're gonna go through it step by step. Think of this blog post as one detailed to-do list and follow it in order! And that's an order. Hehe. Okay, let's get started!

Let's create your brand's style guide in 10 easy peasy steps ...

1. Identify your ideal client.

This little step is often overlooked by people in the style guide creating process, but it is actually super important and should be the very first thing that you do when you start a blog or online business!


Because if you don't know exactly WHO you're creating content for, then how can you create a strong brand with content that serves the right person?

Well ... ya can't.

Which is why I've got a free workshop + dream customer avatar for you!

2. Pick 3 words to describe your brand.

In preparation for creating your mood board (which will inspire your style guide!) pick out THREE words to describe your brand.

These should be the words that describe how you want your ideal client to feel when they think about your brand.

Also, avoid coming up with words that are similar or that basically mean the same thing because ... well ... that would be a bit repetitive wouldn't it? Why yes, yes it would.

So go on, pick out 3 DIFFERENT words and write'm down! After doing this you'll be able to use these 3 words as a filter for all your design elements moving forward.

3. Create a mood board that will serve as inspiration for your style guide.

This part is SO much fun! Yes, it's probably my favorite step of all.

You want to create a mood board for your brand; a collection of fonts, graphic elements, photos, patterns, typography etc. that all come together to create a cohesive visual theme.

Creating a mood board will help you to create a visual presence for your brand that looks and feels the way you want it to and will serve as your guide when making important design-related decisions (like choosing your brand's colors, fonts, etc.!)

4. Edit your mood board.

If you didn't already do this as a part of the last step, time to do it now! You want your mood board to be nice and cohesive, not overwhelming and all over the place.

So take a nice, hard look at the mood board that you created and look for themes in color, font, style etc.

Your final mood board should visualize a cohesive story and include sample photography, fonts, textures and patterns in 30 images or less!

5. Create a new document to put all your design elements in.

Alright, you've done all the preparation work and now it's time to create your actual style guide! Yay! You can use Photoshop, Google Docs or Microsoft Word for this, whatever floats your boat really.

Canva also works and now has a "Canva for Work" option where you can share all your design templates, elements, etc. with a team of people to make sure everyone's on the same page!

(It's pretty nifty- I used the trial version but discontinued it simply because the only person on my team is ... well ... ME.)

Anyway! This document is where you're going to put all of the SPECIFIC elements that you select for your brand, (colors, fonts, etc.) It shall be used as a reference going forward to keep your brand consistent, which is SUPER IMPORTANT for a kick-ass brand!!!!

(Sorry I know I sound like a broken record when I talk about brand consistency, ha!) Ehem. Alright, did you create your new document? Good. It's time to select the following elements!

A step-by-step on how to create a killer style guide for your blog, and why it's so important!

6. Pick your colors.

Try to pick just 3-6 colors to reflect your brand.

You're gonna be using these colors throughout your entire website presence for text, graphics, etc. consistently so make sure that you love 'em!

Also, instead of using the color picker to get your color, be sure to write down the EXACT color Hex Code for each color so that they will be EXACTY the same every time.

A few sites that are awesome for color pallet picking are this one and this one, and you can see beautiful, already made color pallets over at this one. 

Once you've chosen your colors, write down the color Hex Codes in your style guide so you can be damn sure that you're using the EXACT same color each time!

7. Pick your fonts.

Alright you little devil! (Sorry I have no idea where that came from.)

Time to choose 2-4 fonts for your brand! These fonts will be used for your website headings, subheadings, main body, sidebar and any other areas where text will be.

Aaaaand they'll also be used on ALL of your other content, like social media graphics and email headers. Like ... everything.

Make sure that you choose fonts that fit your brand, and remember to filter them against those three words that you chose in step 3!

You can find tons of free fonts on this site, this site and this site. Once you've chosen your fonts, record them in your style guide and also note any special specifications, like if there will be any custom character spacing for easier readability or whether your selected fonts can also be used italicized or in bold.

8. Think about your graphic elements and icons.

When choosing these (things like graphics for your sidebar, boarders, social media icons, patterns etc.), once again, make sure that they reflect the FEEL of your brand by measuring them against the 3 brand words that you chose earlier!

Pop these into your style guide and be sure to note any specifics like when and on what these elements can be used, any guidelines for header and footer content and rules on any templates that you might create.

(Are these delicious food photos making you hungry? Sorry.)

9. Logo variation.

Alright, how are you doing? Good? Good!!! You're almost there, just a few more things to choose and add to your style guide!

In regards to your logo, many brands will have a main logo as well as 1-2 alternate logos to use on different materials when the orientation and/or dimensions of the main logo don't work well. In your style guide, you'll want to include your logo(s) as well as set some parameters for the use of your logo.

10. Define your photo style.

Let's not forget about the pictures that you use! Photos play a big role in how people view your brand.

Decide (and write down in your style guide) what style your photos will be. Bright and colorful? Dark and moody? Extra crappy? (Just kidding on that last one!)

Things to take note of include any specific Photoshop actions or Lightroom presets that you might use on a regular basis and whether or not you can put text on your photos (and what font you will use!)

Along these same lines, you'll also wanna take note of what style of photos you use across all your social media like Instagram, Facebook etc.

Will you use the same iPhone filter for your Instagram photos? If so, write it down! Lastly, write down the types of images that you WON'T use. You want to know what your brand ISN'T as much as you know what it IS!

Oh and speaking of photos ...

I've got lots of handy blog posts to help you take better photos for your brand!

11. Decide on your brand's tone.

What vibe do you want your brand to give off? Do you want it to be funny? Sarcastic? Serious? Playful?

Record a few adjectives that will describe your brand's tone and how you will write your copy, interact with your audience, etc. 

And make sure that you stay consistent with your tone throughout other things such as e-mails, social media interactions and captions, any digital products that you create, etc. You want people to know that it's YOU when they read all of those things! If you've got a completely different writing style across different platforms then it might look like you have multiple personalities!

Which ... you know ... having multiple personalities is fine and everything but might be a tad confusing to your audience.

Remember that free workshop I mentioned?

It will help you get clear on your tone and write way more powerful copy.

12. Write down blog post specifics (if you have a blog for your business.)


The last thing that you wanna do is write down any guidelines that you have for your blog posts. You will want to consider questions such as, do you have any rules for your post titles? Is there a minimum/maximum number of photos that you'd like to include in each post? What size font will your text be? Will you always want to include links? Do you have any specific guidelines for writing about affiliate stuff?

13. Save your document and keep it on your desktop for easy reference.

Yes, don't forget the final step which is saving your document and keeping it in a handy place for easy reference! I keep mine on my desktop and also a printed version in my business binder. Use your style guide when you are designing your blog, writing posts, creating any business related content, etc.

You did it!!! You are officially a rock star.


And if you want to make sure your brand is totally irresistible to your dream customers, then be sure to ... ehem ... check out the free workshop. ;-)

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