How to Create an Irresistible Brand; 3 Simple Strategies to Effortlessly Attract Your Dream Customers

3 Simple Strategies to Create an Irresistible Brand | Check out this blog post if you'd like to effortlessly attract your dream customers with 3 simple strategies | Wonderlass

Guess who hasn't been writing tons of blog posts lately?!?

:::makes sheepish face:::

Yes, it's true. This year has been so action-packed with things like making videos for my Youtube channel, planning Facebook lives for my Creative Superheroes Facebook group (you should join us right here- it's free!) and working on my online courses that blogging has taken the back seat recently! 

Sorry about that, blogging. 

:::pats imaginary blog that has a face on the back::

And one of the things that I've been working on recently is a free workshop that teaches you all about how to create an irresistible brand that attracts butt loads of your dream customers!

Sounds pretty exciting right?!?!? (Oh trust me, it is.) :P

Actually, it's literally my favorite workshop that I've done so far to date.

And you can watch right here.

(Don't I look like I'm having fun?!) :P

If you're wondering what the workshop will cover, it covers lots! Including ...


Branding is so much more than just your logo and some graphic elements!

And if you truly want to do things like attract your dream customers and really stand out online, then you need to be clear on WHAT exactly a brand is first.


Yes, we're talking specific things that you can start doing today in order to attract the type of people that you could serve the best in your business!

Because guess what buttercup?

If you're attracting people to your website who don't really "get" you, then they're probably not going to be super crazy about your content either.

And that's sad.

You want to attract people who resonate with you, who LOVE your content and who you could serve the BEST! Because then you're way more likely to do things like ... oh I don't know ... make more sales in your business. :P


Having trouble finding your voice and connecting with your audience in your writing? 

It's time to remedy that.

Being able to write good copy means that you're able to persuade people to actually do something! Whether that's taking action by checking out your latest blog post or sales page, thinking something specific or doing something that you want them to do.

OR getting people to bring you freshly baked cookies. Because that sounds REALLY tasty right about now! (Hey, a girl can dream can't she?!)


Oh yes, this part gets REALLY fun!

In order to create a strong personal brand, you need to build YOU into your business!

When you leverage what makes you different, magical things start to happen!!! Things like ...

  • You'll be able to differentiate yourself from everyone else

  • You'll be able to eliminate the "competition"

  • You'll be able to serve your audience better

  • You'll have a business that just feels really freak'in good

  • You'll grow a colorful unicorn tale and start pooping glitter-filled rainbows ...

SO my dear friend, do yourself and your business a favor by watching the workshop and grabbing your free worksheet bundle below!

It will be 1.5 hours well spent I promise. :-)

It even comes with a free bundle of worksheets and cheat sheets so that you can implement everything in the workshop! :::starts jumping up and down excitedly:::

Because passively learning without actually taking action and implementing is rather pointless, wouldn't you say?

(About as pointless as it would be for me to attempt to resist a freshly baked cookie while passing by the local bakery!!! I've got cookies on the brain ... can you tell?)

Once you download the worksheet bundle above be sure to grab your favorite beverage, get your pretty note taking devices and get ready for some learning! 

You'll be attracting butt loads of your dream customers in no time. :-)

Got any questions or comments? Leav'em below! 

OR if you'd simply like to leave comments about cookies, that's okay too. (Sorry I really can't help it ... it's like my mind is being taken over BY COOKIES!!!!)


Alright, I'm off to most definitely NOT go eat some cookies.