How to Make Sales Without Being Salesy

How to Make Sales Without Being Salesy | want to make more sales in your business but are terrified of being salesy? Then this post is for you!

It's true ... most people turn into a sweaty ball of anxiety when it comes to the topic of selling because they don't know how to make sales without being salesy.

When you hear the word "sales," what comes to mind?

Perhaps a greasy door-to-door salesman complete with an ugly brown suit, gold chain and brief case full of false promises?

Maybe a pushy car salesman wearing overpriced shoes who lures you back into his office so that he can corner you into making a decision right now?

Yes ... for many small business owners, (myself included for a long while!) the word "sales" or the very thought of selling causes an overwhelming wave of anxiety!


Because most people are terrified of being seen as "salesy" or sounding "salesy."

Unfortunately, if you don't make sales in your business, then you don't have a business. Being able to effectively make sales is ... well ... kind of important!

I remember that I used to be utterly terrified of trying to sell stuff!

True story: when I turned 18 a friend of the family paid for my startup kit to become a Mary Kay consultant. Over the course of the next year, guess how many sales I made?


Why? Partially because I didn't truly believe in the products I was selling, and partially because my mindset around selling was just a total mess!

I'd throw great parties where I'd makeover all of my friends, but when it came to actually asking the utterly dreadful question at the end, "so ... what would you all like to order today?"

I just ... couldn't ... do it.

Yes, having the right mindset is actually super important when it comes to being able to effectively make sales, babycakes.

(Man, CAKE sounds SO good right now!)


Because if you feel that selling is icky, uncomfortable or wrong, then you're proooobably not gonna want to do it, right? Right.

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Plus if YOU feel nervous or sound unconfident, then the person you're selling something to will probably also feel nervous or unconfident. No bueno.

And not only that, but if you've got a bunch of negative thoughts surrounding "selling," then naturally the energy will shift when you start "pitching" your offering, and then people will be able to tell! It just sounds awkward and unnatural.

But when you're confident and genuinely coming from a place of service when you're selling, then your audience will feel it! In a GOOD way.

Having the right mindset and practices when it comes to selling will ...

  • Allow you to feel good (and not salesy!)

  • Give you loads of confidence (so that your audience can feel confident, too.)

  • Will help you put your audience first, which naturally leads to more sales. Woot!

So how can YOU make sales without being salesy?

(And NOT feel like a salesy sleaze ball complete with a sleazy salesman outfit?)

Find out by either reading on or watching the video below ... OR both!

(Btw, I also have a short + actionable podcast episode on how to get over your fear of selling.)

But wait!!!

Before you continue on, make sure that you have your favorite beverage in hand first.

(Because that makes reading even MORE enjoyable. Just say'in.)

Here's 9 steps that you can take to help you make more sales WITHOUT being salesy!


You must 100% believe that what you're offering is amazing, valuable and will truly benefit your customers!

Because if you don't?

Then you're not going to feel very confident about it, and that lack of confidence will show through in your mannerisms, voice and writing. (Trust me!)

Do you get excited to sell stuff that you don't really believe in? Probably not.

You need to be pee-your-pants excited about the stuff that you sell and believe in your offering(s) 100 percent. 

For example, you can bet your brightly colored buttons that I know without a doubt that the online courses I sell are value-packed and I know in my heart of hearts that they'll serve my audience.

Remember the Mary Kay story that I just told? Yeah ... don't do what I did. 😜

How can you put this into action?

If you don't truly believe in whatever it is that you're selling, then it's time to change something so that you DO. Does your offering lack quality or value? Then change it until it has more. Not sure if it will truly benefit your audience? Ask for feedback from current customers! Don't have anyone to get feedback from? Then offer a "beta" version for free to some people so that you can get their genuine feedback and testimonials!


Because yo ... it's gonna feel really awkward if you're trying to sell to people who aren't even interested in the topic of what you're selling! 

This is why knowing exactly who your dream customer is and where they hang out is extremely important! 

(Plus, you should also be creating ALL of your content and paid offerings with them in mind! Just say'in.)

Ask yourself; "what does this person need or want, and do I genuinely have it?"

Trying to sell to someone who doesn't need OR want what you have isn't going to work so well, plus them purchasing what you have to offer WON'T be in their best interest.

Aaaaand they'll probably end up with buyer's remorse and be sad + unsatisfied.

(Neither of which you want.)


How can you put this into action?

Get ridiculously clear on who your dream audience is, make sure that your offering is in line with what they want / need and then make sure that you're actually talking to them!

And if you don't have crystal clarity on exactly who your dream customer is yet, then don't panic!

Because I've got a free video to help you out. 😉

And the more focused you can be with WHO you want to serve, the better!


Because knowing exactly HOW what you're offering will help / benefit will give you confidence when you're talking and sharing about it!

(Aaaand we've already talked about how YOU feeling confident about your offering will help your audience to feel confident about your offering, too.)

Plus, people buy stuff to either help themselves, benefit themselves or to FEEL a certain way! Ya know? 

I mean ... would YOU be excited to buy something like an online course just to have an online course? Prooooobably not.

I'd be willing to bet my last cup of coffee that you're buying an online course to either help yourself, benefit yourself or to FEEL a certain way!

So you've gotta be completely clear on exactly HOW the amazing thing that you're offering will benefit your people.


How can you put this into action? 

Sit down and make a list of clear benefits for whatever it is that you're selling, and remember to also write down any specific results that either you or others have gotten from it!

If you're not sure what the specific benefits are, then you need to re-work your offering with specific benefits in mind while also getting feedback from your audience.

Which leads me to ...


Sorry to burst your rainbow colored bubble, but people don't care much that your offer might come with "five videos, a workbook, 40 worksheets and an audio training!"

You know what they DO care about? What your offer can DO for them.

How will it make them feel? How will it change their life? What impact will it have? What results will they get? What need or problem does it solve?

If you don't focus on sharing the VALUE of your offer by clearly sharing the results and benefits, then others probably won't clearly see the value and be able to justify a good enough reason for purchasing it.

And that equals sad for you, and sad for your customer! (Because they're missing out on your super amazing thing!)

When I first started creating and selling online courses in April 2016 I made the mistake of focusing on the content details of the course (aka by saying things like, "You get 7 videos! A workbook! Worksheets!" Etc.) that I often failed to communicate the true value and benefits of my courses.

Don't be like me! Pretty please?

How can you put this into action?

Remember that list of clear benefits and specific results that you wrote down in the last step?

Make sure that you focus on clearly communicating those benefits on things like your sales pages, emails, in person talks, videos and --insert wherever you're trying to sell your offering here.--


(Yep, that's me sliding down a giant ice cream slide! Trust me, ice cream slides offer MANY, many benefits such as childlike glee and a leg work-out from climbing the total of like ... 3 stairs.) 


Or service. Or whatever the heck you're offering to your audience in exchange for their hard earned moo-lah!

And by this I mean, you want to make sure that whatever you're selling SO awesome and valuable that you truly feel like your audience is getting an absolute steal at the price you're selling it at.

No, I don't mean that they should actually steal from you! 😜

I also don't mean that you should de-value your amazing offering by making the price for it way too low.

I'm talking about ADDING so much value to whatever you're selling that you're 100% confident in the price that you're selling it at.

For example, this course right here? A total steal! ☺️

Not only will this help give you mega confidence, but it'll also ensure that your audience is blown away by your paid thing!

It's all about over delivering, baby.

How can you put this into action?

Ask how you can ADD value to whatever it is that you're selling so that the price feels like an absolute steal. Can you create a bonus? Give a more personal customer experience? Improve your packaging? Get creative!


You really can't go wrong when you're genuinely focused on trying to be as helpful as possible (and not holding back!) 

Because when you're focused on simply serving (not selling), by being as helpful and amazing as you can, when you DO have something to sell to your audience it will come much more naturally!

Plus, when you focus on supporting people by giving free value, then others will want to return the favor by supporting you, too! (By buying your offering, of course.)

For example, I've got tons of free content that focuses on serving my audience first, like these free online courses, my podcast episodes, the live videos I do inside of my Facebook group for lady bosses and the butt loads of blog posts that I offer right here.

Speaking of free content ...

Have you watched my brand new, free master class yet?

In it I cover the 3 key changes that I made in my business that took it from $468 to $8,524 a month and beyond! (I.E. from stagnant to super growth, baby!)

When people love your free content (AND also feel like you give a sh*t about them), then they're much more likely to purchase from you when they're ready to buy.

How can you put this into action? 

Make sure that you're creating valuable, free content for your audience on the regular, answer questions, respond to comments and genuinely care about serving your audience first and foremost.


Have you ever attended something like a webinar where the presentation was really great, the person giving it was natural and having fun, but then suddenly when they reach the part where they "pitch" their offer it suddenly feels really awkward and the whole dynamic shifts?

Because I've been to lots of those.

The language the person starts using no longer seems natural, it feels awkward and you can totally tell that the person doing the selling also feels awkward and uncomfortable.

Yes ... this is yet another mistake I made in the beginning!

I LOVED doing webinars and got great results doing them, but when it came time to actually presenting my offer, I tried to follow the template of what I THOUGHT I was supposed to say and I ended up feeling SO awkward and uncomfortable!

The result was me probably not selling nearly as much as I could have, because I felt so uncomfortable that I would totally rush through everything.

Instead, you want to use your own words AND also use language that will really resonate with your specific audience!

This means NOT following a script of what you THINK you should say if it doesn't actually sound like you or it makes you feel uncomfortable, and it also means figuring out the exact words and phrases that your audiences actually uses so that you can sprinkle them into your copy.

(I know ... pretty clever right?) 😜

It should be a happy blend of both.

How can you put this into action? 

Be yourself and talk how you'd actually talk. ALSO keep a “copy stalking” folder on your computer where you literally copy / paste things that your dream customers are saying! 😊


In today's digital age where many businesses lack personal connection, it's really important to show that you ... well ... actually care about your audience!

People want to know that you actually give a crap about them.

If your audience feels like all you care about is taking their money, then they won't be very inclined to want to do business with you.

(I know I know ... shocking right?)

For example, the last time that I promoted my new course Be Your Own Brand, I installed a live chat box on the sales page using Zen Desk so that I could give extra support to my audience during the cart open phase!

This allowed me to answer questions, talk to my people and really helped me to help them make the best decision for themselves.

And it worked awesomely! I literally had multiple people who were "on the fence" hop onto the live chat during the final hour and I was able to get them "off" the fence (and into my course), by simply answering their questions and showing them that I gave a damn.

Showing that you truly care goes a long way.

How can you put this into action?

Look for extra ways that you can up your customer service experience (like installing a live chat box, for example!), make sure objections and FAQ's are addressed on things like sales pages, answer questions, respond to comments and truly have the best interest of your audience at heart.

Many times, people don't end up buying something because they're confused about something, have unanswered questions or don't feel supported.

:::sad face:::


Want to feel extra nervous when selling your paid thing?

Then be secretive about it by luring people into a free training and then catch them off guard by pitching to them at the end of it!

Now ... I made that particular example sound extra slimey, but it's honestly NOT always a negative thing to do. Especially when you're a.) genuinely providing loads of actual free value and b.) your paid thing is directly related to the free value that you just shared and you know for a fact that it'll benefit your people!


If you do things like live workshops, offer email courses, run challenges etc. where you pitch something at the end of them and you're feeling nervous that people will be turned off, then just be open and honest about it.


People appreciate honesty!

So instead of surprising your audience with a pitch at the end, let them know in the beginning that, "hey! You're gonna love this free thing that I'm doing and it's going to help you by --- list benefits here,-- and I'm also going to be sharing a little bit about my new --insert what you're selling here-- at the end because I know you'll love it!"

And then you and everyone else can breathe easy because everyone's aware that you're going to be doing a little sharing of your paid offering at the end.

Ahhhhhh, lovely.

How can you put this into action?

If you feel nervous about "selling," then just be open and honest at the beginning of things like challenges, videos and live workshops by letting people know that you'll be sharing a little bit about your paid offering at the end.

Easy peasy.

For example, in my free master class I have right here, I just straight up mention that there's a surprise coming at the end.

AND I also know that the free master class itself is packed with value!

Are you feeling a little more at ease about selling to your audience now? (Just replace the word "selling" with "serving," I swear it'll help!) Because I hope you do.

You CAN totally enrich people's lives by selling in a way that's totally NOT salesy!

And the more you practice these 9 steps, the easier making sales will be for you.

Pinky promise! ☺️

Speaking of sales, you might enjoy this podcast episode on what to do if you’re currently struggling to make sales.

And with that, I'm off to go snuggle in my Snuggie.