How to Make Your Business Sound Unique (Even When it's Not)

You know what's a little depressing sometimes?

When you realize that there are about a bazillion and one other businesses in the exact same industry as you!

(Don't lie, you know it feels a little depressing some times.) :P

Did you have that realization yet? It's okay, I'm here for you. Go on ... go get yourself a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream ... I'll wait. (Omg speaking of ice cream the mint chocolate cookie flavor is the BEST!!!!! )

Actually, there's no reason to be depressed. (But you can still go get some ice cream if you want!) You wanna know why?

Because it's totally possible to stand out and be unique even when everyone around you is doing and saying the same thing.

You're a photographer in a city of 500 other photographers? Cool! You're a massage therapist and there's 12 other massage therapists on the same street? Awesome!

There's still PLENTY of ways to differentiate yourself because there's only ONE YOU.

So today I'm gonna share 4 things with you that will help you to express yourself in a way that is uniquely you and make you stand out from the crowd. Yep, you can use these 4 things to unearth your own individual awesomeness in the world!!!

Here's 4 Ways to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition (In No particular Order):

1. Your Purpose - Ya know, what's your personal story? What's your reason for being in business? What lead you here and WHY are you headed in the direction that you're headed in?You should have your own unique purpose for your online business.

2. Your Principles - What do you stand for in your business? What are you super passionate about? What lights a fire under your butt and inspires you to keep showing up every day?

3. Your TribeWho exactly do you stand for? Who are your ideal clients? Get very SPECIFIC about them. We're talking everything from basic demographics to getting inside their head to discover things like their struggles, frustrations and dreams!

4. Your Frustrations - What pisses you off and frustrates you about your industry? (Or other products + services that your competitors offer?) What makes your blood boil like a pot of pink molten lava? What do you want to do differently from others?

Have you taken a moment to grab a piece of paper to write down the above 4 things yet? If not, do that now and I'll wait here. :-) 

Have you done it yet? Awesome!

So HOW do you use those 4 things to make your business sound unique? 

Well, whenever you're writing your copy, pick one (or two or three) of the above things to reflect in your writing.

So for example, let's say that you're a personal trainer. (Who kicks some major butt!!!!) There's likely a ton of other personal trainers in your area AND many of them are likely using similar words to describe their services. Ya know, things like, "get fit fast", "loose weight and feel great," etc etc. You don't want to blend in and sound just like them right?

Of course not!

So by picking one (or more) of the 4 things above, how can you reflect that in your copy? Let's say that you choose to incorporate "your purpose" and "your tribe." And let's also say that part of your story is that you're a busy student and that your ideal tribe would also be busy students.

So by incorporating those two things into your wording you could say something like, "Fast fitness results for busy students," or "Slim your ass and all before class," (haha I crack myself up!) or "Quick training sessions for busy students to achieve A+ abs", (yeah sorry that was cheesy!) But you get the idea right?

Don't be like everyone else. Be a hot pink flamingo standing in a sea of plain white swans, baby! (Flamingos are kind of hilarious too, hehe.)

Do the fun adult homework below so that you can put your learn'n into action!

You can start being that unique pink flamingo by reflecting any combination of the above 4 things in the words that you use to describe your business and by downloading this checklist + worksheet! This handy checklist is full of things to check for in your writing and to incorporate in your copy to make sure that your writing is:

  • in your voice

  • super unique

  • effectively speaking to your ideal customer

It's time to up the ante in your copy and business voice, baby!

HOMEWORK: (Yes there's totally a homework assignment with this post! But don't worry, adult home work is fun.) :P To get your creative brain muscles working, let's brainstorm a few taglines for a fictitious graphic designer. (Because there's a million graphic designers!)

So let's help this poor graphic designer stand out from the crowd! Here are her 4 main things (purpose, principles, tribe and frustrations):

1. Her purpose: To create simple, streamlined website designs with a handmade touch
2. Her principles: bringing the unique personality traits of the individual out in the design and developing a lasting relationship with each client
3. Her tribe: small creative business owners that make handmade goods
4. Her frustrations: she's frustrated with the lack of personality in many website designs.

If you brainstorm a tagline for this fictitious graphic designer and share it in the comments, I will give you a pint of ice cream myself! 

(Okay technically I can't do that, but I will give you some VIRTUAL ice cream.) :P

Want to make your business stand out even MORE? Make sure that you have a strong, personality-filled brand to eliminate the competition!

By making sure that you have a strong, consistent brand that's infused with your unique personality, you will truly stand out in a super crowded online world.

And lucky for you, I've got a free mini course to help you do just that. :-)

Now go forth into the online world and be yourself and share your story!

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How to Make Your Business Sound Unique (Even When it's Not!) Want to learn how you can create original content in a saturated industry? Read this post. | Wonderlass

I'm off to go grab some ice cream.