How to Optimize Your Site for List Building

How to Optimize Your Site for List Building (Get Loads of Subscribers Every Freak'in Day!) Looking for actionable strategies to grow your email list on autopilot? Check out this blog post! | Wonderlass

Are you feeling rather tired of hearing people talk about the importance of building your damn e-mail list? If so, then I apologize in advance because that's totally what I'm about to talk about, hahaha!!! Ehem.


But for real, I get it. A couple years ago I spent $2,000 to take Marie Forleo's B School and one out of the entire six modules was ALL about the importance of list building! The message was pounded loud and clear into my skull and yet ...

I ignored building my email list for another 2 years because I didn't know how the heck I should go about doing it.

Finally, in early 2015 after working my photography business full-time for 5 years, I got serious about making the transition into the whole online entrepreneur thing full-time, and so I decided to get my poop in a group and to become the FRIGG'IN MASTER OF E-MAIL LIST GROWING!!! 

(By the way, what exactly does "poop in a group" even mean? I'm picturing little poops all coming together in a mastermind group!)

Ehem. Anyway! 

Over the last year I finally got the hang of building my e-mail list ... in fact I now get over 3,000+ new subscribers every month!

(This coming from someone who literally spent an entire year getting just 28 subscribers? Yes, I'm pretty dang happy with the progress I've made, hahaha.) 

And it's because of this e-mail list growth that I'm now able to consistently sell my online courses, build my Facebook group and all of that other juicy stuff. 

So yes, having an e-mail list is super duper important.

If you want to sell anything online (digital or physical products, courses, freelance services etc.) then you absolutely need to focus on getting engaged subscribers on your e-mail list. Why?

  • Because you don't have control over social media platforms. (Hello, Facebook changes things like every two seconds!) Your e-mail is the ONE direct connection that you have with all of your people, and unlike social media, it DOESN'T change every two seconds.

  • People are a lot more likely to see your e-mails then they are your social media posts. (Social Media = DISTRACTING.

  • It's a great opportunity to connect with your ideal clients because you can make it feel like a one on one conversation with them!

I COULD babble on, but just take my word for it- mmmkay? Your e-mail list is important.

And you wanna know something? One of the very best ways to grow your e-mail list is by optimizing your website.

You wanna turn your website into a lean, mean e-mail list building MACHINE!!! YEAH!!!!! :::grunts like a pro wrestler:::

I get a butt load of e-mail subscribers every single day without doing extra work all of the time because I've simply learned how to optimize my site for list building. (By the way, I always used to get scolded as a child for using the term "butt load!")

So ... want to learn how to optimize your website for list building too? Watch the info-filled (free) workshop below!

This workshop that I did with Jenna Soard was one of my most jamm-packed trainings yet! (Plus, it was also my first webinar with a co-host in the history of like ... EVER.) 

It is literally almost TWO HOURS of free training. Can I get an effff yes?!

Plus, I totally bring on my cat Mr. Purrie for an adorable cameo appearance!

So ... just say'in. It's free training AND you get to see my adorable kitty! Just click below if you'd like to watch! 

We're both passionate about helping other people create kick-ass businesses (and having FUN while doing it!) so doing this workshop was a total blast. In this free workshop you'll learn:

  • How to optimize your website to get loads of new subscribers every day

  • How to turn your sidebar into a list building machine

  • How to use content upgrades to get tons of new subscribers who are actually interested in your content

  • The top spots on your website that should include places to sign-up

  • How to use your website to maximize things like webinar sign-ups

  • Lots of other juicy tips'n'tricks!

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How to Optimize Your Site for List Building (Get Loads of Subscribers Every Freak'in Day!) Looking for actionable strategies to grow your email list on autopilot? Check out this blog post! | Wonderlass

Be sure to give it a watch, and let me know below what you think! Got any other questions related to list building? Let me know!

And now ... I want to go lay in a pool of ice because it's freak'in HOT here in Kansas City.