6 Tips on Goal Setting

6 Tips on how to set goals (and achieve them!)

Goal setting is something I'm really passionate about. If you have a dream, then you must have goals to reach it! A dream is that fuzzy thing floating around inside your head, and goals are the steps that you take to make it go from fuzzy picture to vision to reality. So many people dream, and dreaming is awesome. You must dream! But unfortunately, so many people stop at the dreaming part. They never do anything about it.

And that makes me sad.

Being rather obsessed with setting goals throughout my life, there are several things that I've learned about making them. Well, making ones that work, anyhow! I've created two successful full-time businesses, both online and off! Neither one would have happened had it not been for setting goals. SO SET SOME GOALS, DANG IT!!! Ehem. Here's 6 tips on goal setting to help you actually achieve the goals you set!

1. The dream you're setting goals for needs to be realistic.

I've already demonstrated before that my dream of being an Olympic gymnast when I was 11 years old was completely unrealistic. (Ha!) I simply wasn't built for that sport! I'm a foot taller than most gymnasts and I just didn't have the skills. Passion? Yes. Skills? The body? No. So yes it's good to dream big, but make sure that they're also realistic.

2. Your goals need to be specific.

Don't just say, "I want to lose weight!" or "I want to be more social!" Those are simply too vague and there's no good way to measure them. Be specific. "I want to lose 15 lbs." "I  want to take 5 different friends out to dinner!" Or even, "I want to grow my e-mail list by 1,000 people in the next two months." (By the way, IF one of your goals IS to actually grow your e-mail list, you should click right here to watch 1.5 hours of free training that I did on that very subject!) You can measure that. Which leads me too ...

Speaking of goals, I created a free workbook on goal setting to help you a.) learn how to set kick-ass goals AND b.) how to create actionable steps so you can actually achieve them. You can grab it below if you wanna!

3. Set a time limit for your goals.

If your goal is to lose 15 lbs, WHEN do you want to accomplish that by? Next year? In six months? Tomorrow? (Sorry, that's impossible.) But by setting a goal with a time limit like, "I want to lose 15 lbs in 3 months," then you can break that down into doable steps. Your goal would then be broken into smaller goals; to lose 1.25 lbs a week. See where I'm going with this? Eh? Ehhhh? :::start annoyingly poking my finger into your side:::

4. Set goals in different areas of your life.

Last summer I made different types of goals for different aspects of my life. I think balance is important and that's why I set financial, business, social, physical and intellectual goals. Some of these areas come easier to me than others. For example, "social" goals are definitely not my strong point. To many people this might come easily! But for me, I can be a bit of a hermit and I really can be shy when it comes to meeting new people. I love to just sit and think and brainstorm and be by myself and listen to music and think about kitties!!!!

Disregard the last part of that run-on sentence.

Anyway. My point is, if given the choice between going to a social outing like a party or staying at home to watch a movie, I will almost always choose the stay at home option. But I've also come to realize that cultivating and maintaining relationships is important! Everyone needs friends. And let's not forget that meeting new people can also be a bonus for work related things. But all too often, I let my relationships fall to the wayside. And nothing bothers me more than some one who says, "I'll call you!" or "We'll go out for lunch!" and then doesn't.

Liars. Including myself. I can be a liar.

And that's why I set social goals like, "make a new friend this year" (totally accomplished that, by the way,) and "call so-and-so" and "take you-know-who" out to dinner. Those things don't come naturally to me, so I have to set goals and work at it.

5. Write them down.

This is huge. Seriously. Put them on paper and in a place where you will see them daily. Write'm on your white board, or your mirror, or tattoo them on your forehead.

Wait- don't do that last one, goals can change. And tattoos don't come off easily.

Speaking of writing down your goals, if you'd like a colorful and quirky planner to write them down in feel free to check out the Blog + Life Planner that I created!

6. Make them for YOU.

Not anyone else. Don't lose weight because some one told you that you need to. Don't vow to eat healthier because some one is nagging you about it. Set goals because they are things that YOU want. Things that will make YOU a happier, more well-rounded person. And did I mention that when you reach one of your goals that it's a fabulous motivator to set even bigger goals?

Speaking of goals, if you want to create a solid action plan to grow your blog or online business (while saving tons of time) then you should check out the Productivity Party!

As you can see from all my pictures, I'm a person who simply has to write things down. Seriously, go buy yourself a cute notebook just for goal-setting.