Are you on Pinterest? Because I know I am!!!

I remember when Pinterest first came out as a beta in March 2010 and I some how was one of the first to get an invite to try it- including an e-mail from the creator asking for feedback! I used it for a couple weeks initially, and then I fell off the bandwagon. I stopped using it because I felt like people (myself included,) spent too much time "pinning" and not enough time actually "doing." You know, pinning things like recipes and crafts but never actually making them. While Pinterest is amazing for gathering ideas and inspiration, what good is all that when you never put any of it to use?

Fast forward to last fall.

I hopped back on the Pinterest bandwagon. Only this time, I set two simple guidelines for myself: I can only spend a few minutes each day pinning and I must actually USE and DO some of the things I pin! That's where my "secret board" comes in:

At the beginning of the year I created a board that I use to compile ideas and inspiration that I want to actually DO this year. It can be a little overwhelming to try and remember specific ideas that really stuck out to you if you've got tons of boards each filled with millions of things. But on this board, I only pin things that I absolutely want to do and I'm very selective; I don't allow for the board to get overly full. (Because then I'll just get overwhelmed.) And then after I actually DO the pin (make the craft, try the recipe, try the idea etc,) I delete it from the board and add other things.

I must say, I am LOVING this little "system" that I've got going on, haha! I have tried many new recipes, crafts and ideas over the last couple months as a result. Which definitely means I'm accomplishing one of my 2013 goals, which was to try new things!

Here's a glimpse at my private "Do in 2013" board:

Lots of cute DIY projects and recipes that I want to be sure I actually try/do/make!

To make sure I don't get overwhelmed with all the things I want to do in 2013 I try and have no more than 30-35 pins on this board at any given time. (And remember I delete the pin when I actually DO it!)

I encourage you to try this little idea and let me know how it works for you!

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Happy Pinning!