Shave hours off your blogging workflow with this awesome tool!

If there's one thing I hate doing, it's wasting time!

Well, most of the time anyway, hehe.

When I first started my wedding photography business it took me quite awhile to get the hang of things. My workflow was slow and clunky and I found myself frustrated with how long it would take me to get certain things done. I remember one time I needed to have a client's wedding photo file names numbered from zero to 600. I MANUALLY opened and renamed every single photo, (all SIX HUNDRED of them!!!) I'm pretty sure it took me almost 2 hours. Little did I know there was an option in Photoshop Bridge that would allow me to rename all my photos in numerical order in about TWO SECONDS.

Oy. Lesson learned. 

Thankfully over the years I've been able to polish my workflow so that it's more like a well-oiled, efficient machine! Part of it is just getting faster at certain things (like editing,) and another part of it is discovering helpful tools.

Like Blogstomp.

No, this is not a sponsored post. I've simply been using this tool for about 2 years now and I LOVE IT. If you blog (for fun or as a job), this awesome app could definitely help you save butt loads of time! I used to spend 2 or more hours on blog posts like my featured weddings simply opening, resizing and adding my logo individually onto a million different wedding images.

It was a bit of a headache.

But with Blogstomp I can get all my images web ready in a matter of seconds. Instead of opening and resizing each individual image, you simply drag an entire folder of images that you want to blog into the app and "stomp" them! You can select one (or two ... or five ... or however many images you want), and this lovely little app automatically resizes your photos to the proper web dimensions and resolution!

You can even choose to add boarders around your photos (which are also customizable), as well as your logo! I love doing this for my wedding photography photos when I put them on Facebook.

Wanna make photo collages? You can do that too! Select however many photos you want in your collage and Blogstomp will automatically present you with a bunch of collage options, like this:

If you don't like the collage options you can just hit "Mix it Up!" and you'll get even more options.

Pretty nifty right?

HUGE time saver. I used to dread doing really long, photo heavy blog posts because I knew it would take me foreeeeever. Now I get really excited because it's SO satisfying to take a giant pile of photos and have them ready in seconds!

The app is $49, but it's totally worth it. It's saved me hours and hours of work.

What about you? Do you have any apps or tools that have made running your own business easier? Please share in the comments below, I'd love to check it (or them) out!