10 Tips to Take Awesome Photos of Your Pet

10 Tips for taking awesome photos of your pet!

I love animals. And yes, I am 100% a crazy cat lady.

Growing up, my family always had at least 2-3 kitties at a time! I'm sure that many of you can relate to the simple fact that a pet becomes more than just a pet; your beloved animal becomes part of your family!

So here are 10 tips on capturing better photos of your furry (or scaley ... or feathery ... or whatever type of outer coat your pet has,) friends!

 1. Get down on their level. 

Most pets are small, so instead of towering way above them and shooting downwards for a photo, get on their level instead! Crouch, sit, lay on your stomach ... do whatever pose you gotta do to get that extra cute "point of pets view" angle!

2. Use natural light. 

I almost always love natural light best when photographing just about everything! With pets especially, using a flash can really blow out and discolor fur, not to mention the eyeballs almost always turn out looking slightly demonic! (Especially with cats!) Try shooting them next to a window, or some where that is near a window where your pet is facing into the light.

3. Interact with them. 

Just like when I photograph people, many times I will also interact with the pet! (Unless I want a photo of them sleeping ... or a photo of them NOT looking into the camera.) You can elicit different facial expressions from your pet while interacting with them, so give it a try!

4. Try different angles. 

Get creative! Experiment with all different angles for a different point of view!

5. Get in on the details. 

Is there something in particular that you love about your pet? Maybe it's their cute little white paws, their big round eyes or the way they lay their paws on their favorite toy?

6. Zoom in. 

Zoom in close ... real close. A nice shot that shows the detail on their face makes a great pet portrait!

7. Keep the eyes sharp. 

The eyes are a prominent facial feature and you want to be able to gaze into your pets's sharp eyeballs until you hit a trance like state. Or something. Regardless, keep those eyes in focus!

8. Show them doing what they do best. 

What does your pet do most? Gaze out the window? Read? Roll around in catnip?

Lay on their back? Do they have a favorite spot to sleep? Do they throw literal temper tantrums like my kitty Mr. Purrie? Get those shots that really define the character of your pet!

9. Play around with silhouettes. 

Does your kitty love to sit at the window? Try exposing for the scene outside the window and letting your pet fall into a lovely silhouette ...

10. Be a ninja. 

Let's face it, a lot of pets are very aware of the camera.

They might be doing something utterly adorable but the second that you pull out your camera and point it at them they move. Or they stop doing whatever it was that you wanted to capture in the first place. You must learn the art of ninja photography ... carefully sneaking up on them, discreteness in taking out and pointing your camera, and most of all, being patient. 

If there's a certain something that you're waiting for your pet to do, some times you just have to quietly wait it out until they do it on their time.

Did these tips help? Let me know below! :-)

Have fun photographing your pets! Meow!