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How to Sell Something EFFORTLESSLY

Do you find that it takes a TON of time and effort to make sales in your online business? Or are you struggling to make ANY sales at all? Then listen up buttercup because this episode is for you! 😊

In this episode, I’m gonna talk about how to not only make MORE sales in your online biz, but how you can do it EFFORTLESSLY. Because let’s face it, if you aren’t making sales then you don’t have a business … you’ve got an expensive hobby. 😹

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How to Plan a Productive Work Schedule

Why, good day friend!

(That was said in my finest fake British accent, incase you were wondering.)

Today I wanted to share with you how to plan a productive work schedule so that you can maximize your time and grow your business more effectively. Woo!

In fact, this is the exact 4 step process that I use for creating my own work schedule!

I use this handy planning process for things like ...

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5 Business Resources I Can't Live Without

Yes, I know that the post title sounds a little bit dramatic, but it's true. 😛

If I could only have FIVE business resources to invest in, then I'm pretty sure that the 5 I'm about to talk about would be it!

I know that it can be super scary to make investments, especially when you are just starting out and aren't actually making any money in your business yet. (Because I've been there!)

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The Top 10 Things I Did This Year that Grew My Blog + Online Biz the Most

Holy crapola, I can’t believe that 2016 is already almost over. I mean … did the earth get sucked into some giant black hole which caused some weird time warp or something?!

Surely there has to be a perfectly reasonable explanation, right?

(Yes, the probability that the earth got sucked into a giant black hole which caused a mega time warp is definitely a perfectly reasonable explanation!)

Ehem. Anyway. This past year has not only been a busy one, but also a really freak’in good one too filled with lots of growth in my blog + online business! Some notable growth benchmarks from this past year include:

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6 Ways to Stop Interruptions When Working from Home

Do you work from home but have issues with getting interrupted frequently? Well then, this blog post is for you! So step right up, sunny! (I'm suddenly picturing myself as this old-fashioned carnival haggler, hahaha.) Ehem.

Here's 6 ways you can stop interruptions while working from home! 

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16 Steps to Start Your Business

Man, almost nothing gets me more excited than brainstorming new business ideas or helping some one else to start their own business!

Well, except maybe chocolate.

Or a fancy coffee drink!

Or the idea of acting like a cat in public and watching everyone's super confused reactions! Like ... I really want to sit on my haunches outside a coffee shop or restaurant window while just meowing and gazing in longingly. Can you picture it?

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