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8 Tips to Take Your Business from Part-Time to Full-Time

People often ask me how I made the jump from working as an employee to starting my own full-time business. Welp, lemme give you the quickie version and share my story! 

From the second I got my first job at Steak'N'Shake at the age of 16, (yeah I totally rocked that red bow tie and uniform!) I KNEW I wanted to run my own business some day. I simply hated with a fiery passion some one else creating my work schedule and telling me what to do and how to do it. So from very early on, the desire to own my own business was planted. It was just a matter of figuring out WHAT.

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How to Start Your Blog in One Day + A Free Blog Pre-Planner

So you wanna start a blog, eh? Eeeeeeexcellent! Today, we're going to get you up and running in ONE day. No more excuses. Time to GIT 'ER DONE! (That was spoken in a hick accent as I slapped my dirty jean covered knee, incase you couldn't tell.)

I may or may not have multiple personalities today.

Ehem!!! ANYWAY. Get ready to work with laser focus. You CAN get an awesome blog up in one day, and you will.The first 4 steps in this tutorial will get your blog up and running TODAY using Wordpress as your platform and should take an hour or less, while steps 5-7 will make your blog all purdy and customized. So grab your favorite beverage, get into some comfy clothes, have your favorite snack food near by and turn on some motivational music (or no music if that does it for you!) Let's do this.

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25 Ways to Have a Kick-Ass Day

I love finding little things to incorporate into my day to make it extra awesome! Whether you're having a horrible, terrible not-so-good day or just want to take your already awesome day to the next level, here's a list of 25 things to try! 

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How to Define Your Blog's Purpose

When I first started blogging back in 2006 (holy crap that's almost a DECADE ago!) my only real purpose was to share bits of my life online. It was basically an online journal with a few pictures. If you'd have asked me what my blog's purpose was, I probably just would've said, "Uhhhh, to share random tidbits about my life and whatever thoughts are crossing my mind!" 

Blogging has completely exploded since I started back in 2006. Everyone and their mother seems to be starting one, and why not?! For many people blogging is turning into a legitimate career, and the possibilities are pretty much endless! Bloggers now adays are writing books, working for magazines, developing product lines, traveling, teaching and the list goes on! I mean ... I get excited just typing about it, haha!

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How to Use Your Voice to Make Your Blog Stand Out

You know what I think is super important in helping to set you apart from the rest?

Your voice.

I don't mean the way you sound when you talk, but the way you infuse your personality into your writing! I mean think about it, there's already a bazillion other blogs out there. There are already people who like what you like and do what you do, but no one else IS you. Some one can rip off your brand (there will always be copycats when you totally rock something!) but they can never rip off YOU because well ... they AREN'T you. 

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How I Started My Business (Full-Time!)

One of the most asked questions that I get by far is HOW I started my business. I have been SO thankful over the fact that I have been working my business full-time as my only job for 5 years ever since I started it.

So let's see ... where do I begin? How about from the beginning! Here's a quick summary of my backstory on how my business came about ... 

In August (or was it September?) 2009 after pursuing a few jobs that did not end up being my jam (like acting in California and starting my own wedding planning business,) one day it suddenly struck me: I loved weddings ... I loved photography ... I NEEDED TO START A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS!

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