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30 Ways to Grow Your Online Business This Year!

Well, it's officially 2016! Is that pure insanity or what?! Man, I remember ringing in Y2K old school rocking out to Will Smith and the 'Millennium' song! It has been sixteen years since then ... SIXTEEN YEARS!!! THAT'S HALF OF MY ENTIRE LIFE PEOPLE!!!! 

Ehem. Sorry. Minor break down. And now I suddenly feel very old. And if you don't know what Y2K means then I will feel even older.

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One Website Tweak That'll Grow Your Audience, Email List & Revenue

So your curiosity is peaked and you wanna know the website tweak that'll grow your audience, email list and revenue eh?


Yes, I realize that I'm making a statement that's about as bold as my delicious french roast coffee, but as you'll see here in a minute- it's absolutely true!


Because you've got just 2 - 3 seconds (max) to grab someone's attention when they first land on your website, and if you're not doing that properly then they're gonna hit the road QUICK.

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How to Attract Your Ideal Client in Your Blog + Biz

If you don't know exactly WHO your ideal reader is, then it's about time you figured that out! Why? Because if you don't even know who you're talking to, then how can you possibly know whether or not they are understanding your blog + brand? How can you create focused content for some one if you don't know WHO that some one is?

You can't.

So let's change that, shall we? 

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How to Create a Killer Style Guide For Your Brand Step-by-Step

Okay ya'll, grab your favorite beverage and let's get to work on creating a totally awesome style guide for your blog!!!

But first, what the sam hill IS a style guide, you might be wondering?

Well. It's a document that contains all of the exact colors, fonts, design elements, rules and guidelines for your brand/blog. This insures that not only will your brand's style look awesome and fit with your ideal reader, but that it will also remain consistent throughout everything. It will make sure that you are using the same colors, fonts, design elements, etc throughout ALL the aspects of your business. Without one, it's easy for your brand to be inconsistent and sloppy and just sort of slosh out all over the place like soup sloshing out of a bowl. Get my drift?

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