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47 Things Your Blog Needs to Attract More Readers (a FREE checklist!)

Howdy. :::tips imaginary cowboy hat:::

Today we're keeping it short and sweet with a free printable checklist! (Come on, you KNOW how excited I get about checklists!) Are you currently wondering how to attract more readers to your blog?

It might seem overwhelming, but when it's broken down into sections with items that you can check off here and there, it becomes totally doable.

Am I right?

Click below to grab your checklist of 47 things your blog needs to attract more readers!

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How to Create a Killer Style Guide For Your Brand Step-by-Step

Okay ya'll, grab your favorite beverage and let's get to work on creating a totally awesome style guide for your blog!!!

But first, what the sam hill IS a style guide, you might be wondering?

Well. It's a document that contains all of the exact colors, fonts, design elements, rules and guidelines for your brand/blog. This insures that not only will your brand's style look awesome and fit with your ideal reader, but that it will also remain consistent throughout everything. It will make sure that you are using the same colors, fonts, design elements, etc throughout ALL the aspects of your business. Without one, it's easy for your brand to be inconsistent and sloppy and just sort of slosh out all over the place like soup sloshing out of a bowl. Get my drift?

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5 Ways to Overcome Blogging Burnout

Feeling utterly and completely burnt out.

The inspiration has run dry, the motivation has drained and the thought of writing one more blog post makes you want to curl up on the couch while eating copious amounts of delicious foods as you binge watch something fabulous on Neflix! 

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How to Never Run Out of Ideas for Awesome Blog Content

One of my all time favorites quotes is by Maya Angelou who said, "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." And I find that to be so true! Many times one creative idea will lead to another. But what about those times when your brain feels constipated? Like ... your brain NEEDS to take a dump but it can't?

(Sorry that last sentence was uncalled for.)

Some times it's easy to feel stuck when you think that it's all been done before and worry that you'll run out of topics and ideas to discuss. But fear not, friends! I believe your creative wheels can churn indefinitely. So here's 7 laxatives to relieve the brain constipation.

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