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How to Create an Irresistible Brand; 3 Simple Strategies to Effortlessly Attract Your Dream Customers

Guess who hasn't been writing tons of blog posts lately?!?

:::makes sheepish face:::

Yes, it's true. This year has been so action-packed with things like making videos for my Youtube channel, planning Facebook lives for my Creative Superheroes Facebook group (you should join us right here- it's free!) and working on my online courses that blogging has taken the back seat recently! 

Sorry about that, blogging. 

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How to Attract Your Dream Client in 6 Simple Steps

Having clients if you want to run a business is good. In fact, it's kinda necessary if you want to ... ya know ... STAY in business.

But what if you're attracting the WRONG type of clients? Working with people who don't understand your personality, don't value your talents and drain you emotionally is like laying a damp dowel directly on top of a beautifully decorated cake- it covers up the beauty and makes a big mess of the frosting!

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