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3 Things That’ll Grow Your Business This Year (IF You do Them!)

Is growing your online business one of your goals for 2019? Well, good news! This episode is for you my bushy tailed broccoli. 😊

In this episode I’m gonna share the three things that will grow your business BIG TIME this year … if you choose to do them! 🌈

These are the three things that helped me more than TRIPLE my revenue in 2018! 🎉 So you can bet your brightly colored buttons that I’m gonna be focusing on these things AGAIN for my business this year! 

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What to Invest in First (and Next!) For Your Biz

Are you in the process of starting (or growing) your online business, but completely overwhelmed by the thought of investing and paying ACTUAL money (GASP!) to get your biz off the ground? Then you should definitely give this episode a listen, buttercup! 😊

In this episode, I’m gonna talk about what investments you should make first (and next!) to grow a successful and sustainable online business! 🎉

Not only are there a TON of different things you can invest in (hello info overload!), but it can be SCARY to invest in ANYTHING when your business isn’t making any money yet. 

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My Biggest Biz Mistakes (& What YOU Can Learn!)

Ever feel like you’re drowning in mistakes? OR are you too afraid to take that next step in your biz because you’re AFRAID to make mistakes? Then this episode is for you! 😊

In this episode, I’m gonna share some of the BIGGEST mistakes I’ve made when it comes to growing my online business so that you can learn from them too! 💖

And by the way … mistakes are NOT a bad thing! If you’re making mistakes, that means you’re learning and growing and trust me, that’s most definitely a good thing 😺

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One Website Tweak That'll Grow Your Audience, Email List & Revenue

So your curiosity is peaked and you wanna know the website tweak that'll grow your audience, email list and revenue eh?


Yes, I realize that I'm making a statement that's about as bold as my delicious french roast coffee, but as you'll see here in a minute- it's absolutely true!


Because you've got just 2 - 3 seconds (max) to grab someone's attention when they first land on your website, and if you're not doing that properly then they're gonna hit the road QUICK.

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5 Ways to Overcome Blogging Burnout

Feeling utterly and completely burnt out.

The inspiration has run dry, the motivation has drained and the thought of writing one more blog post makes you want to curl up on the couch while eating copious amounts of delicious foods as you binge watch something fabulous on Neflix! 

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Be Your Brand: A FREE Workbook!

Happy Saturday friends!

I am extra excited and hyper today because I'm about to share with you a FREE workbook on how to create a unique, one-of-a-kind brand by infusing it with your kick-ass personality! Last Friday I decided that I was going to create a workbook, on Saturday I spent THIRTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT making it from start to finish (much to the dismay of my cat Mr. Purrie who was VERY upset about the lack of attention I was giving him!) and today I'm launching it into your hands! 

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