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How to Come Up With an Irresistible Offer That Your Audience Would Love to Buy

Have you ever created something to sell to your audience and it was just … crickets?

(I have. Haha!)

Or maybe you haven’t even created anything to sell yet because you have ZERO clue what the sam hill you could actually create for your audience?

Well don't fret, because today I'm going to share 4 quick tips that will enable you to come up with an irresistible offer idea that your audience would LOVE to buy!

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5 Business Resources I Can't Live Without

Yes, I know that the post title sounds a little bit dramatic, but it's true. 😛

If I could only have FIVE business resources to invest in, then I'm pretty sure that the 5 I'm about to talk about would be it!

I know that it can be super scary to make investments, especially when you are just starting out and aren't actually making any money in your business yet. (Because I've been there!)

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8 Tips to Protect Your Brand

I don't remember who said it, but I recall a quote that goes something like this, "You can spend 10 years building a brand's reputation and have it destroyed in 5 minutes."

Sucks, don't it? (That was said in a hick accent, incase you couldn't tell!)

But for real, your brand is what people think about your business. More importantly, it's how they FEEL when they think about your business. If people feel icky, turned off, annoyed or ---insert all other negative adjectives here-- then that's obviously NOT a good thing! Especially if you've worked really hard to build a trustworthy, totally kick butt brand. I've said it once (or a billion times), and I'll say it again; YOU are your brand. Aren't you worth protecting? (Pssssst, say yes! It's the only answer that I'll accept right now. I'm feeling feisty.)

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