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How to Start Your Blog in One Day + A Free Blog Pre-Planner

So you wanna start a blog, eh? Eeeeeeexcellent! Today, we're going to get you up and running in ONE day. No more excuses. Time to GIT 'ER DONE! (That was spoken in a hick accent as I slapped my dirty jean covered knee, incase you couldn't tell.)

I may or may not have multiple personalities today.

Ehem!!! ANYWAY. Get ready to work with laser focus. You CAN get an awesome blog up in one day, and you will.The first 4 steps in this tutorial will get your blog up and running TODAY using Wordpress as your platform and should take an hour or less, while steps 5-7 will make your blog all purdy and customized. So grab your favorite beverage, get into some comfy clothes, have your favorite snack food near by and turn on some motivational music (or no music if that does it for you!) Let's do this.

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