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6 Tips to Protect Your Energy (& Why You Need to!)

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up feeling totally GREAT only to have it quickly go south (like careening down a mountain at 100 MPH south)? 😕 Then give this episode a listen, buttercup, because I’ve got some tips that will turn your day right back around!

In this episode, I’m gonna talk about how you can not only protect your energy but WHY it’s so important to … especially as an entrepreneur. 💖

After all, there’s nothing worse than starting off the day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 🐿 only for something to come along and KNOCK the wind right out of your sails. ⛵️

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5 Stress Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Yo! It’s no secret that the entrepreneurial journey can be pretty DANG stressful at times. 😰

So if you’re looking to gain more peace of mind in your day-to-day life or find ACTIONABLE ways you can keep your stress levels to a minimum, then give this episode a listen! 😊

In today’s episode, I’m gonna talk about how you can manage your stress levels as an entrepreneur. 🙌🏻

After all, when you’re stressed the EFF out you’re not going to be inspired or productive … which means you won’t be putting out your BEST work and that can NEGATIVELY impact your biz, my buttercup! 😬

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One Powerful Shift That Changes Everything (For The Better!)

Do you ever find that the entrepreneurial journey you’re on can be tiring, overwhelming, and downright STRESSFUL? And on top of all that, do you find that your business is STRUGGLING? Then you need to give this episode a listen ASAP, buttercup! 😊

In this episode, I’m gonna share one MEGA POWERFUL shift that you can make TODAY to make your entire business journey easier, more fun, and will also help get you better RESULTS! 🌈

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How to Get Over Fear TODAY (So You Can Experience More Growth!)

Ever feel like fear is holding you back from doing well … just about anything? FEAR NOT my bushy-tailed broccoli, because this episode is for you! 🤗

In this episode, I’m gonna talk about how you can CONQUER fear in order to see more GROWTH in your business AND in life! 🎉

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How to Get (& Stay!) Motivated in 7 Steps

Do you need a good kick in the pants when it comes to getting motivated? Then listen up because this episode is for you, buttercup! 😊

In this episode, I’m gonna talk about how you can GET and STAY motivated in 7 simple steps! 💖

As a business owner, you’re gonna have days where you don’t feel like doing DIDDLY SQUAT. And … when you’re your own boss, it can be EXTREMELY hard to fight the urge to plop down on the couch and binge watch Netflix all day (not that I’m speaking from experience 😅).

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3 Things That’ll Grow Your Business This Year (IF You do Them!)

Is growing your online business one of your goals for 2019? Well, good news! This episode is for you my bushy tailed broccoli. 😊

In this episode I’m gonna share the three things that will grow your business BIG TIME this year … if you choose to do them! 🌈

These are the three things that helped me more than TRIPLE my revenue in 2018! 🎉 So you can bet your brightly colored buttons that I’m gonna be focusing on these things AGAIN for my business this year! 

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