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How to Use IGTV (Instagram TV) to Grow Your Business

Oh my goodness ...

is anyone else SUPER excited about Instagram's new IGTV app?!?!?!

(Because I am incase you couldn't tell, hehe.)

I think that IGTV (Instagram tv) has A-mazing potential to grow your business whether you're online OR offline, and that's exactly why today we're gonna talk about how you can use IGTV to grow your business!

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11 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account Like a Boss

Oh Instagram, I love you. You're full of pretty visuals and you're so much fun to look at! I could scroll through your feed for ages and ages ...


I have a thing for Instagram. Can you tell?! Hahaha! But seriously, Instagram is currently the fastest growing social platform with over 300 million brands and consumers in it's ranks. For business owners and bloggers Instagram is the perfect way to engage with followers and share your stuff! And as some one who wants to have a totally unique and bad-ass business, it's important to make sure that you're doing what you can to use this platform to it's full potential! So here are 11 ways to grow your Instagram account and really kick it up a notch! 

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