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10 Tips to be Ultra Productive

If there's ONE thing that drives me over the top bonkers, it's when I 'm disorganized and feel like I'm wasting time!

Yes, wasted time makes me sad.

Very, VERY sad.

And as an online business owner who would ALSO like to maintain a life OUTSIDE of work, I'm always looking to discover how I can maximize my results and utilize my time with as little effort as possible!

And not only that …

But as someone who ran my own businesses full-time as a one woman show for nearly 10 years, figuring out how
to be as organized and efficient as possible wasn’t just important if I wanted to grow, it was a necessity.

So today I'm sharing 10 of my favorite tips for getting lots of shizzzz done!

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Why People Will Buy Something That They Can Find Online For Free

Ever find yourself wondering, “Why in the SAM HILL would someone buy my product when they can find it online for free?!”. Then give this episode a listen STAT my bushy-tailed broccoli because I’m sharing 5 whole reasons why! 😊

So really … why would someone buy a product when the can simply find the info online for free?

This is one of the MOST COMMON questions I get asked! If you’re someone that creates info products (think “how to” guides and courses) then you’ve probably wondered at some point or another why someone would buy your product to begin with...and you aren’t alone! 

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The Morning Routine I Do to Feel Amazing (& Put Out My Best Work!)

Are you in need of a morning routine that will get you totally PUMPED to conquer the day? Then you should give this episode a listen right now! 😊

In this episode, I’m gonna share the morning routine I do every single morning so I can feel AMAZING and put out my BEST WORK each and every day! ☀️ 

It’s no secret that morning routines are SUPER important. After all, how you feel in the morning GREATLY influences how you feel for the rest of the day!

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How to Grow an Audience (Even When You’re Starting From Scratch!)

Are you struggling to grow your audience? Or are you starting from the ground up to BUILD an audience? If you said yes to either of those questions then you’re in luck because this episode is for you, my bushy-tailed broccoli! 💖

In this episode, I’m gonna talk about how to grow an audience for your biz, even if you’re starting from SCRATCH. That’s right..even if you currently have ZERO followers. I’m talkin’ zip. Nada. Zilch.

It’s important to point out that ALL of our audiences start at ZERO (myself included!). Yep…even the people you see that have MEGA followings started at zero! 🌟

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting & Growing an Epic Online Business

Do you have lovely, technicolor dreams about turning your blog into a business? Or perhaps you currently work a 9-5 and you dream of starting a blog and turning it into a business so that you can LEAVE your 9-5? Maybe you dream of owning a rainbow colored unicorn that will poop delicious sprinkle-infused custard at your command? (Sorry I can't help you with that last one!) But if you dream of turning your blog into a business, read on.

After blogging for over 6 years, a year ago I finally made the decision to turn my blog into a business. Originally I started this blog as a way to share the weddings that I shot in my photography business and as a personal online diary for documenting and sharing whatever the heck I wanted! But deep down, I knew I wanted to make blogging my number #1. I was so passionate about teaching and helping other creative entrepreneurs and I was READY to go steady. (IF you know what I mean!) ;-)

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30 Ways to Grow Your Online Business This Year!

Well, it's officially 2016! Is that pure insanity or what?! Man, I remember ringing in Y2K old school rocking out to Will Smith and the 'Millennium' song! It has been sixteen years since then ... SIXTEEN YEARS!!! THAT'S HALF OF MY ENTIRE LIFE PEOPLE!!!! 

Ehem. Sorry. Minor break down. And now I suddenly feel very old. And if you don't know what Y2K means then I will feel even older.

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