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5 Steps to Make Your Website Stand Out

Do you know how many websites there are online now adays?


As in ...over a billion. (According to this site right here!) And the number literally rises every single second. (Holy website statistics, Batman!)

And if you're currently wondering, "well how the heck can I make my website stand out online?!" then read on.

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18 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Aaaalright you lovely person you, today we're gonna explore more on one of my favorite topics ev-ah: BRANDING.

I already shared with you 10 Steps to Create a Kick-Ass Brand, but what are some things that you can do to really kick it up a notch? You know, to make your brand stand out above the rest? Well, let's take a look shall we?! Here's 18 things you can do to make your brand stand out! 

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10 Things Brilliant Brands Do

You know what I'm really excited about?

Today's blog post.

AND the bullet proof coffee that I'm drinking as I write today's blog post!

Today we're talking about branding, (one of my absolute favorite topics!) and 10 things that brilliant brands do so that you can do them yourself.

You know ... incase you'd like to create a brand that's absolutely f*cking brilliant.

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10 Signs That Your Brand Sucks

You know what I'm ridiculously passionate about?

(Besides cats and coffee, of course.)

Branding. I friggin LOVE branding!!!!

Not only is branding super fun, but your brand is what allows you to actually STAND OUT from everyone else. Are then ten bazillion other competitors in your industry?

Awesome. They don't matter when you have a strong, personality-filled brand!

But first, what exactly IS a brand?

Your brand is your business's identity (both online and offline) and it's what people feel when they interact with you and your business. It includes visual elements like specific colors, fonts, your logo, graphic elements etc. but it also includes things like your vibe, your values, your copy and voice, the experience you give to clients and more.

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10 Steps to Create a Kick-Ass Brand

You know what one of my FAVORITE parts about being a creative entrepreneur is?


I freaking love branding!!!!!!

Creating a brand is SO. MUCH. FUN.

An amazing brand goes beyond simply having a cool name, nice logo and a few awesome graphics. A brand is't just a few design elements; it's the overall VIBE of the company. An awesome brand makes you FEEL something. And they make you FEEL something through their communication, their writing style, their design elements, the colors they use, the way they respond to e-mails and answer the phone, how they interact on social media, etc.

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