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15 Tips for Getting Inspired

Do you ever feel totally poopy and uninspired? (Yes, I just said "poopy.") Well my friend, here's 15 tips for getting super inspired!

1. Change your attitude.

It's easy to feel inspired during specific times or events in our lives. Maybe it's during a big creative conference that you're attending or it's the day of the half marathon you're running … most likely when you're doing these "bigger" things you are feeling pretty inspired. But those things don't happen every day. Most days it's just … well … everyday things that happen. Try and take the same attitude that you have during those bigger moments and apply it to the little every day things. For example, if your dream is to write a book don't just say "Oh, I'll wait until I score a book deal with a publisher to write it!" No. Start now. Get excited NOW. Set goals for yourself every day to get that book deal. Write. Every. Day.

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