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How to Use IGTV (Instagram TV) to Grow Your Business

Oh my goodness ...

is anyone else SUPER excited about Instagram's new IGTV app?!?!?!

(Because I am incase you couldn't tell, hehe.)

I think that IGTV (Instagram tv) has A-mazing potential to grow your business whether you're online OR offline, and that's exactly why today we're gonna talk about how you can use IGTV to grow your business!

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12 Essential Instagram Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Business

I remember the good old days shortly after Myspace when Facebook was THE main social media place to be. Like … as a small business owner you really didn't need to worry about being anywhere else!

Those days are gone.


Facebook is becoming more and more consumed with adds and people becoming frustrated that they never actually get to see the posts of their friends in their feed. (I mean seriously … I see the same posts from the same people for like 3 days in a row! Just say'in.) And while Facebook provided great free marketing for businesses in the beginning, they've now made it extremely hard to reach an audience. I mean I get it … they had a bazillion people marketing through them for free so why not start actually charging people to be able to "reach" their audience?

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