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Why Luck Has Nothing to do with Success

One of my pet peeves is when some one asks what I do, I tell them that I own my own photography business and work from home and they go, "Oh, you're so lucky!"

Because actually, luck has nothing to do with it.

Intention, focus, hard work, tons of unpaid hours and determination however, has everything to do with it.

I don't believe in luck. I create my own luck, dag nabbit! (Boy I sure use the phrase dag nabbit a lot, don't I? Hehe.) I was not handed my job, I created it through a butt load of work and a decent dose or risk taking. Sure, occasionally some one might catch a "lucky break" to help them get further along but I can guarantee you that even the "lucky break" was a result of hard work. 

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15 Ways to Chase Your Happy

I'll bet if you asked a bunch of people what they want in life that many of them would respond with "to be happy." I mean ... right?!? Unfortunately a lot of people seem to put happiness off because they believe that certain things need to be in place before they can truly be happy. (I know I was guilty of this many years ago!)

But here's the thing.

Happiness is a choice, and it's about making the choice to be happy even when our circumstances aren't perfect! Because life is kind of messy, and things are probably never going to be "perfect." Plus we DESERVE happiness RIGHT NOW, dag nabbit! So here are 15 ways that you can chase after (and reach) that happy place right this very minute ...

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A Little Bit of Self Love

I recently posted a personal story and photo on my Instagram account and my Facebook that I received a lot of positive feedback, comments and support on. I also received several messages from people telling me that I should post it on my blog as well. So … I have decided to post it here too with the hopes that it might provide others with a little encouragement and inspiration!

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How to Conquer Inspiration Overload in 3 Steps

I'm pretty sure we've all been there.

You know, The Black Hole of Inspiration.

That moment when you find your brain getting so saturated with inspiration from books, the internet, music, movies and :::insert your favorite inspirational source here::: that you realize you are completely overloaded. You're stalked up on inspiration for miles, but you're not actually getting anywhere. You're not creating anything yourself.

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10 Awesome Tips to Avoid Social Media Burnout

Okay let's be honest you creative bundle of joy ...

Do you ever get totally overwhelmed with trying to keep up with multiple social media accounts? Do you ever feel mentally drained because you've been checking them on and off for the entire day? Maybe you're wondering what the heck you should be posting and WHEN to effectively grow your blog or business? Or perhaps you've looked at the clock only to realize that you just waisted three hours on Facebook?

I've so been there. Ugh.

It's not a very fun place to be. 

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15 Tips for Getting Inspired

Do you ever feel totally poopy and uninspired? (Yes, I just said "poopy.") Well my friend, here's 15 tips for getting super inspired!

1. Change your attitude.

It's easy to feel inspired during specific times or events in our lives. Maybe it's during a big creative conference that you're attending or it's the day of the half marathon you're running … most likely when you're doing these "bigger" things you are feeling pretty inspired. But those things don't happen every day. Most days it's just … well … everyday things that happen. Try and take the same attitude that you have during those bigger moments and apply it to the little every day things. For example, if your dream is to write a book don't just say "Oh, I'll wait until I score a book deal with a publisher to write it!" No. Start now. Get excited NOW. Set goals for yourself every day to get that book deal. Write. Every. Day.

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