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5 Ways to Turn Your Followers into Fans (and why you need them!)

Alright guys, can we have some real talk today? Good. I like to do real talk in ALL of my blog posts because if you're not doing real talk, then what's the bloody point right? EXACTLY! (Do you like how I'm just answering on your behalf? Hahaha.)

Anyway. I already babbled passionately about the importance of getting the RIGHT type of traffic versus just getting "traffic" right here, but I wanted to talk about it just a little more because I think it's SUPER important and doesn't get talked about enough! So many people are so concerned with the numbers (omg I need to get 10,000 subscribers as fast as possible! Omg, I only got 1,000 pageviews today!) that they ignore an equally important part of the equation; turning those numbers into engaged fans.

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