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The Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting

Oh man ... you know what gets me SUPER EXCITED?!?!

Salt and vinegar potato chips.

Those and ... goal setting!!! I swear, give me a planner to write some goals in with a bag of salt and vinegar chips to eat while scheming and I am one happy camper!

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An Epic Guide to Creating the Ultimate To-Do List (+ FREE printable cheat sheets!)

:::talking in a National Geographic style documentary voice::: Ahhh, to-do lists. They are simply magnificent creatures aren't they? Efficient, helpful, majestic. The to-do list helps people all around the world to achieve their goals both big and small! Behold, a photo of the to-do list captured in the wild:

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The Blog + Life Planner is Here!

Oh mygoodness you guys, I am SUPER EXCITED because today I am launching my FIRST ever tangible product: A Blog + Life Planner!!!

This planner has literally been simmering inside of my brain for 2 years. And to finally hold it in my hands? It makes all of the hard work and times that I literally screamed at Adobe InDesign totally worth it! (Haha.) 

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6 Tips on Goal Setting

Goal setting is something I'm really passionate about. If you have a dream, then you must have goals to reach it. A dream is that fuzzy thing floating around inside your head, and goals are the steps that you take to make it go from fuzzy picture to vision to reality. So many people dream, and dreaming is awesome. You must dream! But unfortunately, so many people stop at the dreaming part. They never do anything about it.

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