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Behind-the-scenes of my passive income fueled business (& how YOU can create one too!)

If you’re curious to know what a passive income fueled business looks like or you want to get started with a passive income fueled biz yourself, then definitely give this episode a listen! 😊

In this episode I’m gonna share a behind the scenes look at what my passive income fueled business actually looks like, including what types of activities I do day-in and day-out and how it runs. 💻

Before we dive in, you might be wondering, what in the SAM HILL is passive income? 

Well, my buttercup, passive income is just income you’re receiving that requires LITTLE to NO effort from you! Pretty sweet, eh? 🙌🏻

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5 Revenue Generating Activities to Focus On in Your Biz

Ever find yourself wondering what in the SAM HILL you should be doing to generate revenue in your business? Well, if you answered YES then this episode is for you! 💖

Today I’m gonna talk about FIVE different REVENUE GENERATING activities you should focus on in your online business to bring in some serious moolah. 💸

I get it … it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin when it comes to making revenue for your biz! 😤

So if you’d like to know what types of things you should be focusing on to bring in the most money (with the least amount of effort required), then listen up! 🎉

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How to Choose ONE Idea To Pursue (When You’ve Got 100!)

Do ever feel like you’re being pulled in a MILLION different directions because you have SO many ideas you don’t even know where to start?! Then this episode is for you! 💖

In this episode, I’m gonna share how to choose just ONE idea to pursue when you’ve got dang near a HUNDRED (or more!) of them. 🌟

It can be a real challenge to know which one to pursue first AND to not get totally sidetracked halfway through pursuing one idea to start working on ANOTHER idea. 🤯

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What To Do When Something Fails (5 Steps To Take!)

Ever have one of those sad trombone moments? (Did you just hear the sad trombone play in your head?!) 

... Maybe you launched a course and it was crickets?

... Or did a FB live and no one watched?

... Or maybe you hosted a webinar and no one bought? 

(I mean … I know that I’ve had PLENTY of these moments!) 😂

If you're an entrepreneur whose actually taking action and DOING THINGS, then you'll inevitably experience lots of flops and failures along the way and it's reeeeeally important to know what to do when you experience one so that you can move past it and grow QUICKLY. 😊

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3 Things That’ll Grow Your Business This Year (IF You do Them!)

Is growing your online business one of your goals for 2019? Well, good news! This episode is for you my bushy tailed broccoli. 😊

In this episode I’m gonna share the three things that will grow your business BIG TIME this year … if you choose to do them! 🌈

These are the three things that helped me more than TRIPLE my revenue in 2018! 🎉 So you can bet your brightly colored buttons that I’m gonna be focusing on these things AGAIN for my business this year! 

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Not Making Sales? (3 Troubleshooting Tips!)

If you currently have something awesome to sell, but your product isn’t making sales then this episode is for you my creative bundle of joy! 😊

We’ve all been there at one point or another … you have a super awesome product to sell but sales are strugglin’. I’m talking ZERO sales. Zilch … nada … a big fat goose egg (womp womp).

Well, fear not buttercup, because I have three QUICK and SIMPLE tips that will troubleshoot your lack of sales to get you on track to a profitable online business. YAY! 🌈

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