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5 Reasons Why My Course Launch TANKED

Who here has ever worked their butts off to launch a course only to hear nothing but crickets come launch day? The good news is, you’re not alone! If you’ve been in this situation or if you’re afraid to launch your course at the risk of failure, then definitely give this episode a listen! 😊

Today I’m gonna talk about why my first ever course launch totally TANKED.

Yep, I’m talking a full-on nose-dive, plummeting to rock bottom, head-on CRASH. 💥 I’m pretty sure there weren’t even crickets…that’s how silent it was. 😂

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How to un-FUNK Yourself (When You’re In a Funk!)

Have you ever been (or are you currently) in a complete and utter FUNK when it comes to your online biz? If you need a virtual kick in the pants to help you get out of it, then give this episode a listen RIGHT now! 👊🏻

Today, I’m gonna talk about how to un-FUNK yourself when you’re in a funk. ☁️ We’ve all experienced a funk at one time or another … that moment when you just aren’t feeling like your usual, butt-kicking, creative superhero self. Maybe you’re feeling uninspired or unmotivated, or perhaps you aren’t feeling as confident as you normally do and it may be for no apparent reason at all!

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5 Tips for Dealing with Failure

Why yes I've failed before, why do you ask?

We will ALL fail at something at some point, probably many, many times, if we ever attempt to do anything.

Failures do not make YOU a failure. Recognize that first.Failure is inevitable. It's really all about how you DEAL with a failure that's important. If you fail once and then give up completely … well then … that's a true failure. Or if you continue to do the same thing over and over the same way expecting different results but keep on failing … that too is a failure. So it's important to deal with failures in a productive manner! Here are 5 things to do if something you've tried has failed ... 

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