The Strong Brand Mini Course is Here! (And it's FREE!)

A totally FREE online mini course for bloggers, entrepreneurs and creatives who want a brand that's strong, consistent and totally awesome!

One of my goals this year was to start launching online courses.

Well ... guess what?

I'm super excited to say that I HAVE MADE THAT GOAL TODAY!!! Woooo yeah baby!!!

Because today I launched my first ever online mini course, and it's completely FREE! Yes, you can enroll for nothing more than ... well ...  nothing!

You're welcome. :P

It's called 'Strong Brand' and is the perfect place to start if you want your brand to be strong, consistent and for it to STAND OUT, baby!

It's the perfect mini course for you if ...

  • You don't know what the heck a brand IS, exactly!

  • You don't know what all you NEED for a strong online brand presence

  • Your brand feels confusing and inconsistent

  • You're attracting the wrong types of people

  • Your brand makes you feel "meh" and not very excited at all

  • You THINK you have an awesome brand but want to make sure that EVERYTHING is amazing

  • You want to watch me act kind of ridiculous on camera!

Also umm, I apologize in advance for my swaying.

This is my first video ever and I noticed while editing it that I apparently like to sway back and forth ever so gently as I talk. HAHAHA, oops. I promise to be more still next time! :P

Full disclosure, there may or may not be fun, colorful adult homework involved:

So grab your favorite beverage, put on your comfy pants and click here to enroll for free! 

The best part is that it's a self-paced course so you can start and finish it whenever you wish, although I'd highly recommend setting aside a couple of hours and doing it in one sitting!

You know, be HARDCORE.

What do you think? Does anyone else get super excited about online courses?! (OMG I JUST WANT TO TAKE ALL THE ONLINE COURSES EVER!!!!)