5 Tips for Dealing with Failure

5 Tips for dealing with failure (because it's got nothing on you!)

Why yes I've failed before, why do you ask?

We will ALL fail at something at some point, probably many, many times, if we ever attempt to do anything.

Failures do not make YOU a failure. Recognize that first.Failure is inevitable. It's really all about how you DEAL with a failure that's important. If you fail once and then give up completely … well then … that's a true failure. Or if you continue to do the same thing over and over the same way expecting different results but keep on failing … that too is a failure. So it's important to deal with failures in a productive manner! Here are 5 things to do if something you've tried has failed ... 

1. Look at the situation.

WHY did you (or the project/service you were offering,) fail? What could have been done differently? Would that have produced a better outcome? Failures are important learning experiences and they always have a lesson to teach!

2. Turn that failure into motivation.

After giving that failure an honest examination, use it as a catalyst to motivate yourself to improve in whatever it was that you failed at!

3. Make some changes and try, try again.

I always used to get a little annoyed as a kid by the saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." But it really is true!!!

4. You're allowed to get frustrated and angry, but only for a little bit.

If something you're passionate about has failed, you're allowed to get frustrated and angry. For a little bit. I'm not talking weeks, months and years. Give yourself a couple days and then channel that anger and frustration into passion.

5. Remember that everyone has failures.

Walt Disney's idea for Disney World was laughed at and turned down over A HUNDRED TIMES before it came to fruition. Every big and successful person has dealt with countless failures first. Remember that. And keep going.

And with those little nuggets of wisdom I leave you to go make myself a cup of coffee. Until next time ...