Whimsical Workspace: Katie Thierjung

Colorful, whimsical workspaces of creative entrepreneurs to inspire!

Why hellooooo lovelies!

I'm so excited to start featuring the whimsical workspaces of other creative entrepreneurs! I don't know about you, but having a fun, organized, awesome space to work in really gets my motivation and creativity going! Plus, it's super fun to take a peek into other people's workspaces, don't you think?

I love a little behind-the-scenes action.

Today I'm stoked to welcome Katie Thierjung, a super talented artist, creative designer and party enthusiast who resides in Los Angeles! She's super colorful and so much fun and after months of her being my Instagram crush (yeah whatever she totally was/is), I knew that I would simply love to feature her workspace here on my blog. She works from home in her bedroom and is a great example that you can have an inspiring workspace whether it's from your bedroom or a commercial studio!

So without further adieu, here's Katie! 

Tell us a little bit about your job ...

"I am currently a Designer at Studio Calico, a monthly scrapbook kit company! I design products that go into the kits, such as stamps and little index cards!

Whimsical workspaces to inspire!

"My second job is a Design Internship at Your Cloud Parade, an online wedding marketplace where you can create and design your own wedding! We also do inspiration photo shoots, which I help put together and style as well."

Whimsical Workspaces of creative entrepreneurs to inspire!

"When I'm not doing either of those jobs, I'm working on my own personal art! I'm a senior Studio Art major at California State University Fullerton, so you can always find me creating art for homework or other projects!"

That's so awesome! What's your favorite part about your workspace?

"My favorite part about my workspace is how fun and colorful it is. I am all about color, and I truly believe that it can affect your creative process. Plus it's super inspirational and happy! I keep all of my art supplies and photo props out in the open, giving it more of a "studio" feel, which I love."

Whimsical Workspaces of creative entrepreneurs to inspire!

"I believe in celebrating the everyday, so why not try and have some fun with it?? I try to keep it as fun as I can, as you can see from my giant ice cream cone, emoji piñata, confetti, sprinkles, and numerous art supplies like acrylic paint and washi tape! You can also find tons of different art prints on my walls, which I change out every few months or so. It's a hot mess but it all works well for me and my creative process!"

Whimsical Workspaces of creative entrepreneurs to inspire!

So like ... what's the decor motto for your workspace?

"(I kind of answered it in the second question) My motto is color and FUN! I keep it girly and bright with my accessories, but pretty simple with my core furniture pieces."

Whimsical Workspaces of creative entrepreneurs to inspire!

"All the furniture is white or neutral, which is a perfect blank canvas for my colorful supplies! The pop of color I do love are the orange architect lights on my desk, they help tie my whole studio together! Plus orange is probably one of my favorite colors (okay all of them are, but orange is at the top of the list, along with pink)!"

Whimsical Workspaces of creative entrepreneurs to inspire!

Ughhhh you have the CUTEST SPACE EVER!!! I am 100% obsessed.

Thanks so much for sharing a peek into your colorful world with us, Katie! If you, my dear reader, would like to get your own whimsical workspace featured here on my blog shoot me an e-mail at allisonwonderlandphotographie@gmail.com and include a couple photos of your space! The more color and whimsy the better.

Also don't forget to check out my Pinterest board full of creative workspaces for more decor inspiration!

Until next time ...