Why Luck Has Nothing to do with Success


One of my pet peeves is when some one asks what I do, I tell them that I own my own photography business and work from home and they go, "Oh, you're so lucky!"

Because actually, luck has nothing to do with it.

Intention, focus, hard work, tons of unpaid hours and determination however, has everything to do with it.

I don't believe in luck. I create my own luck, dag nabbit! (Boy I sure use the phrase dag nabbit a lot, don't I? Hehe.) I was not handed my job, I created it through a butt load of work and a decent dose or risk taking. Sure, occasionally some one might catch a "lucky break" to help them get further along but I can guarantee you that even the "lucky break" was a result of hard work. 

(Are these coffee photos making you want coffee? Because they are totally making me want MORE coffee even though I already DRANK that coffee! It's an endless coffee wanting cycle, I tell you.)

Anyway! Here are five ways to create your own "luck!"

1. Take chances.

This is one of the biggest, most scary and yet EXCITING things about being an entrepreneur (or just creating a life you love in general); you HAVE to be willing to take a chance! Starting a business can be risky and intimidating, but you have to overcome the initial fear of failure to get started. Failure or a setback doesn't mean that you didn't succeed, it means that you had the courage to TRY.

 2. Take action.

It's not enough to simply dream about something, you have to actually TAKE ACTION to make that dream happen. I could sit around all day dreaming about how I'd like to one day create my own fun products like tees and tumblers (I'm totally going to make that happen!) but that isn't going to get me any closer to what I want unless I actually DO something.

 3. Hustle.

Are you willing to WORK for what you want? Because that's what it's going to take! But it will be worth it. And if you love what you're doing, even the "work" (on most days) will be rewarding and fun! Don't put off til tomorrow what you can get done today. If you run into a problem, find a solution or come up with a solution yourself! EVERYTHING can be figured out if you're willing to try.

4. Get used to hearing "no" and let it add to your determination!

There are going to be plenty of people who are negative and don't believe in you. There are going to be people who don't want your product or service. You might hear "no" a hundred times before you get a "yes." Walt Disney's idea for opening Disney World was turned down over a HUNDRED times before he got some one to believe in his idea!

5. Stick with it.

There will be days that you might get frustrated and want to quit. Hell, there comes a point in every single race that I run that I want to quit SO bad. I ALMOST quit every time. But I don't, and that's all that matters. Take a day off (well, not if you're running a race obviously- DOH!), refresh, relax and revisit why you wanted to start in the first place.

So go on out there and start creating your own luck! Is there a dream that you want to pursue? Share it in the comments below, I'd love to be your cheerleader!

And Mr. Purrie too.