5 Reasons You're not making sales, and how to fix it

5 Reasons Why You're Not Making Sales (And How to Fix It!) Wondering how you can make more sales in your online business? Check out this blog post! | Wonderlass

Why hello there, my little bushy-tailed broccoli!

(I've been coming up with the most ridiculous terms of endearment lately but I can't help it! They literally just flow straight from my finger tips.)

But all broccolis with bushy tails aside, I want to talk about something that can be a little bit of a sore spot for many creative online entrepreneurs;

why you aren't making sales.

(But don't worry, we're also gonna talk about how you can fix it! Because talking about just the problem without a solution would be depressing. I mean ... right?)

Before we go into the reasons why, allow me to share a quickie story with you first.

In early 2015 I was super freaking pumped to release my second ever paid online course.

I thought the idea for it was amazing, I put tons of love into it and I thought that people would surely gobble it up as soon as I released it into the world!

After all ... my first paid course was a success in my mind, so why not this one? 

So, without any launch preparation (mistake #1), I sent a broadcast out to my entire e-mail list as soon as the course was finished announcing what it was and why they should go check it out (with a link to the sales page!)

And then? ...

... Crickets.

From that list of around 9,000 people, I literally made just ONE piddly sale with that e-mail announcement.

It was probably one of the most anticlimactic moments ever.

I felt a little discouraged and disappointed (okay, A LOT discouraged and disappointed!) and questioned if I majorly sucked at making online courses.

Like ... maybe I just wasn't good enough. Maybe I should quit. I pretty much threw myself a giant pity party (only mine didn't look nearly this cute):

Image via  Oh Happy Day

Image via Oh Happy Day

Thankfully, I quickly got my shit together and realized that it wasn't me who sucked (or the thing that I was selling), but it was my strategy that sucked.

Whether you're selling online courses, digital products OR physical products (pretty much anything online), it's likely the same case for you.

It's not WHAT you're selling that sucks, it's your selling strategy that sucks.

We're gonna look at a few reasons below why your ---insert awesome thing here--- might not be selling, and one of the reasons below might apply to your situation. 

So with that lovely little tidbit in mind, let's look at 5 reasons why you aren't making sales, and how to fix it!


Before you got all hyper with excitement over the idea for your offering, did you bother to actually see if there was a genuine need / want for it?

Even if YOU think your offering is the bestest, other people either have to WANT or NEED it for you to actually sell it. 


Yes ... you need a bloody e-mail list!!! 

(Well, not a "bloody" one because that would be gross, but you do need an e-mail list, and you need to focus on growing it.)

A couple of years ago I was so in denial about e-mail lists that I literally paid $2k to take Marie Forleo's B Schoool (where one of the six modules is entirely about the importance of having an e-mail list), and I STILL ignored starting and growing my list for nearly 2 years after because of various excuses.

Your e-mail list is your ONE direct connection that you have control over (because social media is constantly changing), and people are a lot more likely to see your e-mail then they are to see what you just posted on Facebook in the sea of 10 bazillion other Facebook notifications.

Need MORE reasons why your email list should be your #1 priority? Read this post!

And not only that, but you need to get people who are actually interested in the exact topic of whatever you'll be launching on your e-mail list.

Because let's face it; getting e-mail subscribers is nice, but getting e-mail subscribers who are specifically interested in the topic of what you'll be offering is even better! 

And if starting + growing your email list with your dream customers totally befuddles you, then I have a free thing to walk you through it all step-by-step. :-)

I created the Ignite Your List training series just for you and it's got a 4-part video masterclass series, specific action steps and extra bonus content all delivered straight to your inbox, baby!

It'll walk you through how to do things like ...

  • How to create the perfect freebie to provide value and attract the RIGHT people to your business (and straight onto your email list!) ;-)

  • The fastest ways to get traffic to your freebie (without using paid ads. BOOM!)

  • What to actually send your subscribers to build relationships and make sales

Just click here to start exploding your email list!

How to grow your email list.jpg


This is one of my #1 biggest fails of the past!

You can't just create something awesome and plop it out into the world with no preparation and then expect people to flock over like a herd of penguins!

You need to get people both excited and educated about whatever it is that you'll be launching BEFORE you actually launch it.

Because while YOU obviously know why people need your offering / what makes it amazing, most other people likely DON'T. They might not even know what it is!

You can read about what I did to go from a $179 launch to a $10k launch right here!


The thing about selling things online now adays is that it's extra important for people to actually both trust and like you, especially if your thing is pricey. I mean ... would YOU want to buy something from someone online that you either didn't like or trust?

Probably not!

You need to treat people like actual people, not just potential dollars in your wallet.

You need to create a connection with them, be personal with them and give them tons of value (for free) to help build that ever so important trust!

Oh and by the way, one of the best ways to connect with people, build relationships and develop trust with your audience is with your emails.

So be sure to enroll in the free video series that I mentioned above so you can master that!


Sometimes we put so much time into actually creating the thing we want to sell that once it's created we don't put nearly the same amount of time and effort into promoting it.

And if there's one thing I've learned over the years of running my own business ...

it's that you usually need to spend even MORE time promoting your awesome thing then you spend on creating it!

Alright baby, look at that little 'ol list. Are you guilty of any of the above?

For me, I've failed pretty hard at #1, #2, #3 and #5 at some point or another during the past.

When I look back at particular moments and wonder "why the hell didn't that sell very well?" the reason directly correlates to one thing or another listed above. DOH!

So uhhh ... how the hell do I fix it?

There's different things that you can do to correct all of the above fails, (I give you a list of things to trouble shoot if you’re struggling to make sales in this short + actionable podcast episode right here!)

but I've found that the most effective way (that also takes care of ALL of the above fails) ...

Is by doing webinars.

And if you're totally against the idea of doing webinars (like I was a year ago!) then hear me out for just a second.


When you have an idea for an offering that you'd like to create, it's juuuuust a little important to actually make sure that people want it / need it first.

If you aren't sure whether or not people are into your idea, doing a webinar on the topic is a perfect way to gage interest! Because ...

  • you can see how many people sign up

  • you get to see what kind of questions people have and thoughts they have about it, which is total GOLD if you actually go on to create your offering

  • you can straight up just ask people at the end if they'd be interested in your idea

  • if you decide to create your thing, you just got people on your e-mail list who are actually interested in what you'll be offering later!


Webinars are the freak'in bomb diggity for growing your e-mail list (yes- especially if you're starting from zero!) because doing free, LIVE training on video is high value, baby.

And if you do a JV (aka "joint venture") webinar with someone else?

You just grew your e-mail list twice as fast by getting in front of TWO audiences.

AND like I said above, you can strategically do webinars on the topic of whatever you'll be offering to get people on your list who are actually interested in what you'll have to sell.

Ohhh!!! :::starts jumping up and down and clapping hands:::

And not only that, but you can use your old webinar recordings as high value content upgrades and opt-ins throughout your site to get even MORE e-mail subscribers!

I am not even joking when I say that I literally get almost 3,000 new e-mail subscribers a month from using my good 'ol webinar recordings as opt-ins.



If you know in advance that you plan on selling something, you should definitely create a launch strategy in the 1 - 3 months leading up to it!

As you already know from above, it's really important to get your audience both educated (they have to know WHY they need your thing!) and excited. 

Doing webinars as a part of your launch plan is super effective for butt loads of reasons:

  1. they are perfect for educating your audience leading up to your launch

  2. they get people really excited (because FREE value, duh!)

  3. they strategically grow your e-mail list, which I've already talked about. Twice.

  4. you can use them to create real urgency during the actual launch because let's face it ... sometimes people need an extra little kick in the pants before they buy!


Webinars are wonderful for building trust and connection because not only are you giving people tons of value for free, (which makes people think, hey if their free stuff is this good, then their paid stuff must be awesome!) but they actually get to hear your voice and connect with you as a person.

There's a lot of cold, selfish businesses out there in the world that just want to take people's money like greedy little scallions.

(I have no idea why I said "scallions, by the way.)

 But when people can connect with you and see that you're actually a person who cares and not just a business, it helps to build a trusting relationship.


Remember how you actually need to promote your stuff a shiz ton?

Webinars are basically free and effective marketing for your business.

(I say "free" because you can literally put webinars on for free by embedding a Youtube Live video onto your own site for zero dollars!) and I say "effective" for all of the reasons that we just talked about above.

Webinars are also effective because you are promoting your webinar, which is FREE value that you're giving away. (Versus promoting a sales page for your paid thing!)

In my little 'ol opinion, you should be promoting your awesome, free stuff more than you're promoting your paid stuff. (Your free stuff can gently lead into your paid stuff.)

Why? Because people are much more likely to want to sign up for something you're offering that's free, especially if they don't have a relationship with you yet.

Remember, buttercup. It's likely not you or your offering that sucks, it's your selling strategy. 

And ... you just made it to the end of this blog post.

That was a lot of words, so congratulations! If you were here in person I'd give you a piece of cake from my Pity Party. :P

I highly encourage you to try doing a webinar if you are guilty of (or struggling with) anything listed above.

So ... how are you feeling?


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5 Reasons Why You're Not Making Sales (And How to Fix It!) Wondering how you can make more sales in your online business? Check out this blog post! | Wonderlass

Can any of ya'll relate? Have you ever created something that you know was awesome but then ... crickets?

Tell me I haven't been alone in my lovely little Pity Parties over the years! :P

Because let me remind you; you and your thing don't suck. You just need to be strategic, baby! That's the business part of doing business. :-) 

And now ... it's time to go eat "breakfast" at 12:17pm. (Does anyone else also eat their meals at unconventional times? Hahaha!)