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How to Photograph Silhouettes

You can't get more classic than the classic silhouette! Last night I went out to the Nelson Atkins museum here in Kansas City. Several of the buildings are made from walls that are white and are lit from the inside so that the entire building glows white at night and it's really pretty! I brought my tripod along and began experimenting with shooting my own silhouette ...

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10 Tips to Take Awesome Photos of Your Pet

I love animals. And yes, I am 100% a crazy cat lady. Growing up, my family always had at least 2-3 kitties at a time! I'm sure that many of you can relate to the simple fact that a pet becomes more than just a pet; your beloved animal becomes part of your family! So here are 10 tips on capturing better photos of your furry (or scaley ... or feathery ... or whatever type of outer coat your pet has,) friends!

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How to Get Genuine Emotion in Your Photos

To me, a good portrait or photograph of a person must show some sort of emotion coming from the subject. You can have the perfect composition and the perfect lighting- but if the subject's face is devoid of any type of emotion what's the point? (Unless of course that's what you're going for.) I think it's important for you to connect with your subject so your subject can connect with the camera. Have you ever seen a portrait of some one where their smile is just mechanical and fake? It's just not the same. So here are a few tips on getting some emotion out of the people you're shooting! 

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Photography Tips: What NOT to Do

I'm so excited for a new little section on my blog devoted to sharing photography tips! I've learned a lot over the years (and will always continue to learn,) but thought it might be helpful to some to share a few little tidbits of knowledge along the way.

Afterall, it's more fun to learn and grow together right? Right!

I've made a lot of mistakes along my journey because that's just a part of learning and becoming a better photographer! Here's a few common mistakes to avoid:

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