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I love hearing from people and appreciate your interest in contacting me! :-)
I try my best to respond to as many emails as I can, however due to the amount of emails that I receive I've
provided answers to some of the most FAQ's below.

Can I get some feedback or advice about my
website or my business?

I do love giving personalized feedback and advice, but unfortunately due to the amount of emails and feedback requests that I receive, I'm not able to give personalized feedback and advice.

However, you're welcome to join my free Facebook group for lady bosses, I'm pretty dang active in there and there's tons of creative ladies who can also give you support + feedback!
I've also got tons of actionable podcast episodes to help you grow your online business right here.

For the most personalized attention from me, you can join one of my paid courses. These come with private Facebook groups just for students where I'm able to offer my students personalized attention and feedback! 

Do you accept guest posts?

Nope. At this time I'm not currently accepting ANY guest posts, but thank you!

Are you interested in doing any product reviews, sponsored posts or advertising?

Nope. I'm not currently interested in doing any product reviews, joining any ad networks or selling advertisements on this site. I AM however, interested in learning how to walk on rainbows. :P

Didn't see the answer to your question or wanna chat about something else? Contact me below, yo! Either I or someone from my confetti-covered team will respond as soon as possible. :-)

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