Heck yeah let's get in touch! 

But just incase I've already answered your question, please take a look at the FAQ's below, yo!

Do you do logo design?
Although I'm super flattered that people seem to love the logo I made (yay!) I don't design logos for others. If you'd like a graphic designer to help you, I recommend checking out Nathan Evans. He's the bomb diggity.

Can you help me with technical questions?
I frequently get asked questions related to the technical aspects of different blogging platforms and unfortunately, I usually don't know the answer. If you have a technical question related to your website, I'd suggest contacting the support for your platform!

Help! I'm struggling with defining my blog's purpose. Bah!!!
Don't worry, this is one of the most common struggles that I hear about! (So you're not alone.) It's SUPER important to be clear on your blog + biz's purpose, so be sure to check out this post right here (plus it comes with a free workbook!)


Will you give me feedback on my blog/website?
While I really love helping other bloggers and creative entrepreneurs kick ass with their websites, I'm currently unable to answer every e-mail with a thoughtful response. If you're a ladypreneur, feel free to join my Facebook group! It's great for getting feedback (and I'm really active in there!) 

Are you accepting submissions for guest posting?
At this time, I'm not currently accepting any submissions for guest posting and don't have any plans in the near future for doing so. However if this changes, then I will update the answer to this question, obviously. (Ha!) 

Do you offer coaching?
This is something that I MIGHT do not too far off in the future, but that I don't currently offer. I DO however, create lots of courses to help you (like my free Strong Brand Mini Course and my free From Side Hustle to Success Course!) in addition to my blog posts, free resources and free Facebook group for lady bosses.

Didn't see the answer? contact me!