Sell your first Profitable Info Product

How to come up with, launch and successfully sell your first profitable info product in just 60 days!

So you wanna create and sell a super awesome info product eh? YAY! Creating and selling info products have literally been life changing for me. (Not to get all dramatic here, but it's true!) I was able to take my passion for blogging and make it into a full-time business over the course of a year all because of info products. This live workshop replay is jam packed with tons of info (and dancing, hehe) just for you! Including:

  • How to come up with a profitable info product idea that your people will love
  • How to strategically grow your e-mail list over a 60 day period so that you have people literally waiting to purchase your awesome thing
  • How to come up with a strategic launch plan for your info product for maximum impact
  • What to do in order to keep getting sales after your launch

So buckle your star-studded seatbelt, because it's gonna be an info-packed ride! Just click below to watch for free.