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  • Are trying to keep track of 5,000 to-dos?

  • Aren’t sure how to prioritize or come up with an effective work schedule?

  • Are a solopreneur struggling to get everything done?

  • Are always forgetting important dates and tasks?

  • Don’t know how to stay on track with your big business goals?

  • Know you need to do certain things to keep your online business healthy

    and growing, but you don’t know what those things are or when to do them?

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I’ve Been There, Too.

Growing a business can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but it
can also easily become … well … extremely overwhelming.

When you’re wearing 10 different hats,
managing multiple projects,
continually adding tasks to your
to-do list and are trying to
actively grow your online business
all with limited time each day, sometimes getting anything done can seem effing impossible!

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But You CAN Do it!

As someone who ran my own businesses full-time as a one woman show for nearly 10 years, figuring out how
to be as organized and efficient as possible wasn’t just important if
I wanted to grow, it was a necessity.

Plus as someone who naturally
geeks out on all things planning and
productivity, it’s always been
my passion to discover how I can maximize my results and utilize my time with as little effort as possible!


Let Me Show You Exactly How I Stay Organized, Efficient and Focused So That You
Can Run Your Business Like a
Well-Oiled Machine!

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Introducing …

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In This Small But Mighty Mini Course
You’ll Learn:

  • How to run your business more effectively + efficiently so that

    you can make the most of your limited time!

  • My simple 5 step process for creating a work schedule

    that’ll get you better results and more biz growth.

  • How to integrate quarterly planning into your

    calendar so that you’re always working on the tasks that will

    move you towards your BIG business goals!

  • How to prioritize your to-do list so that you always know

    what to work on first.

  • How to keep track of everything! From tasks to passwords to ideas

    to all of those books on your “to read” list.

  • How to use Trello boards to do valuable market research,

    track failed payments, run a team and more.

    You’ll Create a Central Hub For Your Biz:

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Plus …

  • Get all of the tasks that you need to do annually,

    quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily in order to

    keep your biz healthy and growing (and integrate

    + automate them into your schedule with a few

    clicks so that you NEVER forget to do them again!)

  • Get access to the EXACT boards that I use to

    run my business so that you can customize them

    for your own business needs in just minutes!

  • Get extra resources like the exact questions

    I use for doing valuable market research in order to

    consistently come up with great content and the

    exact emails I use for recovering failed payments

    (which helps me save literally THOUSANDS

    of lost dollars per month!)

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In Just a Few Hours You’ll …

  • Have an organized central hub for running your business so that

    you can save time and ditch the overwhelm.

  • Have processes and templates that will allow you to get better results

    (like saving lost dollars, creating better content & achieving goals faster!)

  • Have a calendar and schedule that’s in line with all of your big

    and exciting business goals so that you’re always working on the right things.

  • Never have to worry about missing important tasks, forgetting

    your awesome ideas or wasting time trying to get your shiz in order.

  • Understand how you can effectively and efficiently manage

    your biz and a team with Trello (even if you don’t have a team yet!)

    (Basically, You’ll Feel Like THIS):

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And Perhaps One of the BEST Parts?
You Can Complete This Mini Course in a DAY.

Nope, you don’t need a bazillion hours!

All you need is about 3 hours and your favorite beverage in hand.

(Because we all know that a delicious beverage makes
everything better!)

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"Before this mini course, I considered Trello to be just another digital to-do list- a replica of my planner. But Allison showed me how to use it as the actual headquarters for my business instead and I’m beyond excited! Now looking at my current setup makes me feel inspired and like my business can really go places if I set my mind to it. I had not expected to be this blown away by a simple planning strategy!

Elzevera (Founder of

"This mini course is great and worth every penny!
My business ‘stuff’ was all over the place which added to the overwhelm of building an online business. Having a one-stop-hub to organize everything has been a life-saver. Allison's Trello boards have just the right amount of information included to make them super useful and flexible too! Besides the organization factor, Integrate also helped me put a system in place so that each morning I know exactly where to start. Thanks, Allison, for creating a course that has greatly helped cut down on the overwhelm!

Kristi (Founder of

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Just Imagine Stealing the EXACT Copy / Paste Templates That I Use to Run My Business! Including …

  • The literal checklist of things I do every single week to promote my content.

  • The complete dream customer template that I use for valuable market research

    so that I can create irresistible paid offers and write amazing copy.

  • The template I use for tracking my goals and creating my work schedule.

  • The template I use to keep track of everything in my business!

  • The template I use to integrate + automate all of the tasks that I need to do

    annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily to keep my biz healthy + growing!

  • The template I use for tracking failed payments and running a team.

  • … And more. 😉


If You’re Ready to Be a More Efficient and Effective Online Business Owner So That You Can
Supercharge Your
Productivity + Results
Then You Know What to Do.

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"Allison rocks! What an example of how to do business right. Her generosity, quality material and fun personality make her someone that I LOVE to share about! Her free courses are so good, and so frequently offered, that I look forward to taking every paid class she has. She has proved herself to be not only professional, but is also the quirkiest expert out there. Just the refreshing spirit we need!"

- Christa Sterken,

Don’t Wait Until Your Brain Explodes to Enroll.

Because then it will be too late.

No but seriously!

If you’re trying to grow and manage an online business
while also maintaining a life, then you can’t afford to waste precious time by being disorganized, unfocused and inefficient.

And if you reeeeeeally want to grow your business (AND keep it healthy!),
then there are certain tasks that you should be doing regularly
for things like marketing, maintenance and book keeping.

Don’t make running your online business harder than it should be! 😉
When you enroll in the mini course, you’ll go

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You Got Q’s? I Got A’s!

Who is this mini course for?

For anyone who has an online business of any kind. Whether you sell physical products or digital products (or even services!) this course is for you if you want to be more organized, effective and efficient in running your business.

Who is this mini course NOT for?

This course is NOT for people who a.) don’t have an online business, b.) have a habit of buying courses but not actually using them and c.) aren’t interested in learning how to use Trello for business management.

What format is the mini course delivered in?

Primarily video (along with some slides) as well as a bit of text. (There’s also a couple worksheets and a PDF checklist in the BONUS lesson!)

How long will the mini course take to complete?

It should take around 3 hours. Woo hoo!

How long will I have access to the mini course?

For FOREVER, bwahhhh hahaha! No but seriously … you have lifetime access.

What the heck is Trello?

Trello is a digital project management system that uses boards, lists
and cards which enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way! Your Trello account is automatically synced (and available!) across all devices like your desktop, laptop and phone.

Do I have to pay for Trello?

While there IS a free version of Trello, in order to get the most benefit from this mini course I recommend upgrading to the Trello Gold option which is either $5/month (or just $3.75/month if paid annually!) The reason being is that there are several awesome features that won’t be available with the free version.

However, not only does the paid version of Trello cost LESS than getting a grande white mocha from Starbucks every month, they also have a referral program which makes it easy for you to get your Trello Gold for free by referring your friends.

Does this mini course teach me how to do quarterly planning for my business?

Not in depth, no. You WILL get a basic idea of how I like to do my
quarterly planning because I’ll be showing you how I integrate it into my calendar and schedule (so that you can do the same!), but you won’t be walked through the actual planning process step-by-step.

If you want to learn my complete step-by-step process for planning out my year (including how I get clarity, how I choose the RIGHT goals, how I plan out my promotional calendar for the year, how I choose what to focus on in my biz to grow it the most and more), then you’ll want to check out my course The 5 Day Profit Plan instead. (And THIS mini course is included for free as a bonus in it!)

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Yep sure do! If you enroll in the course and discover it’s not the right fit, then you can contact my team at: within 5 days of purchase for a full refund. However in order to be eligible for a refund you MUST: a.) contact us within 5 days of purchase and b.) complete the entire mini course. (We can check to see if you’ve watched 100% of all the videos! 😉)

For the full refund policy, just click right here.


Get Started Now
For Only ONE Easy Peasy
Payment of $37

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