Optimize Your Site for List Building

Wanna learn how to optimize your website so that you can get loads of new subscribers each day? Then prepare yourself for this juicy workshop replay! This was my first ever live workshop with a co-host (with branding bombshell Jenna Soard from YouCanBrand.com- she's awesome!), and is one of my most jam-packed trainings yet!

Plus, my adorable kitty Mr. Purrie makes a cameo appearance. (Which is reason enough to watch!) 

During this free workshop replay you'll learn:

  • How to make your sidebar into a sign up smorgasbord (hahaha)
  • How to use content upgrades (with Pinterest) to generate never-ending sign ups
  • How to use your website to maximize webinar sign ups 
  • The top spots on your site that should include a sign up
  • Hands on workshop on how to do this in Squarespace (which will still apply to most other platforms)
  • A live Q & A with Jenna and Allison and a live website audit for a blogger!