The List Building Bash

If you're reading this right now then that probably means that you wanna grow your e-mail list right? (I know I know, I like to state the obvious!) In the past year, I've managed to grow my e-mail list from a stagnant 28 subscribers (it seriously took me an ENTIRE YEAR to get those first 28 subscribers!) to now over 12,000! So if your e-mail list growth is feeling rather slow and stagnant too, don't fear- I've been there! Buckle your star-studded seatbelt, because in this free List Building Bash workshop replay you're gonna learn ...

  • How to come up with a freebie that has VALUE with your ideal client in mind so that you can get the RIGHT people opting onto your e-mail list! 
  • List building strategies that are the bomb diggity at growing your e-mail list like a mint plant on steroids! (Have you SEEN how fast mint plants grow?!) Even if you're starting from zero.
  • What the heck to actually SEND your e-mail subscribers once they opt-in to keep giving them value, gain their trust and to keep them engaged!
  • How to write compelling e-mail subject lines that actually get your messages read and not sent straight to the trash! (Because that would be sad.)