The Pinterest Party

Are you ready to make Pinterest your serious business?! Let's do this. In this workshop replay you're gonna learn ...

  • The most effective Pinterest strategies that have helped me to start DOUBLING my pageviews on the regular (can I get an "oh hellz yes?!") and that grew my site's traffic by over 800% in the first 4 months!
  • How to attract the RIGHT people to your site and turn your traffic from Pinterest into followers (and engaged e-mail subscribers!) Because having engaged e-mail subscribers is super important if you want to sell things online.
  • How to only spend 30 minutes (or less!) a week on Pinterest (while getting yourself waaaay better results) with BoardBooster. Since I started using Boardbooster 6 months ago my Pinterest followers have grown from 7k to over 22k! (That's over 2,000 new followers a month- holy poop nuggets!)
  • The top things you might be doing that are actually HURTING your chances of turning your Pinterest followers into engaged subscribers! :::insert sad face here:::

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to watch it here on this page, you can easily click on the title of the video in the upper lefthand corner of the video itself to watch the video on Youtube. Because Google Hangouts on Air is moving to Youtube Live, it is causing some people to be unable to successfully watch it here. Doh!

(Please note that the exclusive fast action bonuses mentioned in this workshop replay are no longer available!)

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