The Pinterest Party

Hey, guess what guess what?!?

Pinterest is my biggest source of traffic. When I started taking it seriously, my blog grew by over 800% in the first 4 months ... holy wow! Pinterest doesn't just have to be a black hole of inspiration, it can also be your biggest secret weapon when it comes to boosting your traffic and getting engaged new subscribers! 

I went over exactly how I use Pinterest in the live free workshop that I did recently! In fact, here's exactly what I cover in the free Pinterest Party workshop replay:

  • The most effective Pinterest strategies that have helped me to start DOUBLING my pageviews on the regular (can I get an "oh hellz yes?!") and that grew my site's traffic by over 800% in the first 4 months!
  • How to attract the right people to your site and turn your traffic from Pinterest into followers (and e-mail subscribers!) Because having engaged e-mail subscribers is super important if you want to sell things online.
  • How to only spend 30 minutes (or less!) a week on Pinterest (while getting yourself waaaay better results) using Boardbooster. Since I started using Boardbooster 6 months ago, my Pinterest followers have grow from 7k to over 22k (that's 2,000+ new followers a month! Incase you needed help with the math.) :P 
  • The top things you might be doing that are actually HURTING your chances of turning your Pinterest followers into engaged subscribers! :::queue dramatic music::: Nooooooo!