The List Building Bash

So you want to grow your e-mail list eh? Well good news ...

I'VE GOT THE PERFECT VIDEO TRAINING FOR YOU!!! :::starts jumping up and down excitedly:::

So grab your favorite beverage and enjoy The List Building Bash workshop replay! (It was my first ever LIVE workshop and I had a TOTAL BLAST!) In this 1.5 hour training you'll learn:

  • How to create an awesome freebie that will get the RIGHT type of people onto your e-mail list!
  • What the heck to actually send your subscribers to keep them engaged!
  • How to write e-mail subject headlines that will get your messages opened! (Yes I use a lot of exclamation points.)
  • Tons of ways that I've used to grow my e-mail list from 28 people to over 8,000 subscribers in the last several months (that you can use too!) 
  • Plus lots of extra tips during a Q&A- woo hoo!

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to watch it here on this page, you can easily click on the title of the video in the upper lefthand corner of the video itself to watch the video on Youtube. Because Google Hangouts on Air is moving to Youtube Live, it is causing some people to be unable to successfully watch it here. Doh!)

Just click right here to get your ideal client worksheets and click right here if you'd like to download a copy of the workshop slides!

And if you'd like to save time, get more traffic and continue to grow that list with your blog AND social media, then check out my course From Side Hustle to Success!