Webinars for Newbies

I'm super excited for you to watch this training because I get SUPER EXCITED about doing webinars!!! I mean ... YAY!!!!  They are greeeeat for business, but I'll get into all of that in a minute. Here's what you'll learn by watching the Webinars for Newbies workshop replay:

  • What equipment you need in order to put on your first webinar (hint: it's not as expensive as you might think!)
  • How to come up with a topic that your ideal clients will be super freak'in excited to hear about
  • How to structure your webinar so that people have fun, stay engaged and are really pumped to hear about what you might be offering
  • The best ways to promote your webinar effectively so that the maximum number of people actually show up (and so you can stop worrying that no one will bother coming!)

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to watch it here on this page, you can easily click on the title of the video in the upper lefthand corner of the video itself to watch the video on Youtube. Because Google Hangouts on Air is moving to Youtube Live, it is causing some people to be unable to successfully watch it here. Doh!)

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