Create Scalable Income
& Serve Unlimited People With
An Online Course.

(WITHOUT The Stress And Overwhelm!)

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 Imagine this for just a sec …

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You get to share your unique skills, gift or experience to help others.

You’ve created something ONCE that can benefit an UNLIMITED amount of people.

You have LIMITLESS income potential.

You’re not stuck trading dollars for hours.

You have students telling you that you’ve just changed their life. (For the better!)

You just had your BIGGEST month in business … by over 10x.

And the entire process of creating and launching your course felt light, easy and STRESS-FREE!

… Feels pretty good, right?

Creating an online course
is the easiest, most effective way
to create profitable,
income in your biz.

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 It’s no secret that you need to bring in consistent revenue in order to have a sustainable online business.

Unfortunately, this is where many creative entrepreneurs get stuck! 😬

They’re frantically putting out loads of free content and are busting their buns trying to get sponsorships.

They’re relying on things like pay-per-click ads.

They have no scalable product of their own to offer their audience.

They’re putting their eggs in someone else’s basket by relying on affiliate income.

… Or they’re stuck trading dollars for hours.

You MUST create consistent revenue in your business
or your business won’t survive.

I’ve been there. I get it.

In 2010 I had a full-time wedding photography business that I loved and worked in for many years,
but as an introvert my duties as a photographer eventually began to leave me feeling extremely drained (and I soon realized that I was also stuck trading dollars for hours.)

Plus, with all my friends and family working Monday - Friday and me working weekends, there was rarely quality time available to spend with them!

That’s when I decided to transition into growing my online business.

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I wanted to help as many people as possible to start and grow businesses that THEY loved too!

But after putting out consistent, quality content
on my blog 4-5 times per week for literal YEARS,
I hadn’t made a single penny. DOH!!!

I tried ads. I tried sponsored posts. Nothing.

Finally, I took the quality free content that I was creating and packaged it up into an online course,
and within 12 months of launching my first online course I had completely replaced my wedding photography business income and then some.

Now? For the past 4 years almost
100% of my revenue has come exclusively from my online courses.

 If you’re a content creator, freelancer or coach then it’s time to create scalable income with
an online course.

Are you a content creator? Perhaps you blog, create amazing videos on Youtube or put out loads of free value content on social media? Courses are the easiest, most effective way to monetize your awesome content AND your audience.

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Are you a freelancer? Share your skills and gifts with UNLIMITED people without all of the extra time! Create passive income with your online course to supplement the awesome services that you already provide.

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Are you a coach? Then it’s time to help MORE people by going from the one-to-one model to the one-to-MANY model! Positively impact MORE people while bringing in MORE revenue.

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 What would an extra $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000+
coming in PER MONTH mean to you?

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Maybe you’d be able to take more time off to spend with your family?

Perhaps it would alleviate the financial stress?

Maybe you’d finally take that dream vacation or buy that item on your wish list?

Perhaps you’d purchase your dream home?

Having built my online course business from my first failed launch to multiple six figures, I’ve discovered that the only cap on what’s possible is the
cap you set for yourself. 😊

But Maybe You Can Relate …

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Take a Deep Breath, Because I Got Your Back …


 You want consistent, scalable
income in your business.
Am I right?

Introducing THE COURSE.png

A Simple + Stress-Free Framework for
Creating and Launching Your First Profitable Online Course
in 60 Days


Put an end to guessing what your audience wants and get the
exact step-by-step process for
creating a course your audience will be EXCITED to buy!


Forget doing those overly complicated launches that leave you feeling drained and OVERWHELMED. Get better results
by keeping it SIMPLE!


There’s a hungry audience out there who needs the course that you create. I’ll show you how to get your message across in a way that enables the course to sell itself!

"This program has literally changed my life
I've gone from struggling to work from home with my kids, to selling my first batch of courses for clients I actually WANT to work with!"

Trisha Katkin (Founder of 

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What’s Inside …

  • Lifetime access to all material + updates.

  • Work at your own pace.

  • Step-by-step for how to do everything.

  • Private FB community


5 Modules of Video Lessons

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Bonus Resources +


Valuable Templates + Swipe Files


Accountability & Fun Prizes

Let’s break down the 5 core training modules, Shall we?

✔️ Module 0: Get Started on the Right Foot

  1. Get actionable steps for developing the mindset of a six and seven figure course creator so that you can create with confidence

  2. Learn what separates those who succeed VS those who “fail” so that you can rise above any obstacle with better results

  3. Identify your profitable niche and target audience so that you have complete clarity and can choose a topic that’s in line with your passion

✔️ Module 1: Your Irresistible Course Idea

  1. Learn what makes a course 100% “irresistible” to your audience

  2. Follow this easy, step-by-step process for generating loads of irresistible
    course topic ideas quickly

  3. Ask this specific set of questions so you can understand your ideal customer’s
    in order to make creating and selling effortless

  4. Choose the BEST idea for your course and learn how to mold it into something that your audience will be excited to buy with this simple strategy

✔️ Module 2: Your Course Foundation + Messaging

  1. Build out your course foundation and learn how to get clarity on all of the important pieces like the promise, price and positioning

  2. Create a simple outline that’ll get your students the results they’re after

  3. Learn how to quickly and easily create demand for your course

  4. Follow the steps to create your “marketing message cheat sheet” so that
    you always know how to clearly and confidently talk about your course

✔️ Module 3: Your Simple Pre-sell Framework

  1. Choose one of the simple pre-sell frameworks so that you can properly validate your course idea and bring in money before you even create it

  2. Map out your pre-sell, get clear on your pre-sell goals and start building a launch list full of eager buyers (yes, even if you’re starting from zero)

  3. Prepare for your pre-sell, set up the SIMPLE tech with walkthroughs and save loads of time with customizable email templates

  4. Learn how to execute your pre-sell without the stress (you don’t even need a sales page!) and how you can maximize your results afterwards

✔️ Module 4: Your Course Creation Roadmap

  1. Learn how to create easy to understand and implement content (and how you can create something that’s truly unique VS just a boring “instruction manual.”)

  2. Choose a “create as you go” method so that you can easily create your course content with the direct feedback from your new paying students!

  3. Finish your course outline, learn how to create appealing lessons and modules that make your audience go, “I need that!”and create your slides FAST

  4. Record, edit and export with ease (and without fancy equipment)

✔️ Module 5: Your Simple Launch Formula

  1. Learn how to build anticipation for your launch with a runway that
    grows your email list and excites your audience

  2. Plan your launch and save loads of time + stress by repeating what works

  3. Understand how to build buzz around your course with the “IT” factor

  4. Create a sales page that converts with this simple framework

  5. Have fun and execute your full launch (and repeat it as many times per year
    as you’d like!



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Enroll Now and You’ll Also Get These


Coaching calls bonus.png

10 LIVE Group Coaching Calls

Get the accountability, support and extra kick in the pants
that you need in order to succeed with 10 weekly, LIVE group coaching calls! Ask questions, celebrate your wins and come together with other
motivated entrepreneurs so that you can become unstoppable, baby!

VALUE: $8,247

List Building Course.png

James Wedmore’s Epic

James Wedmore is a multiple seven figure entrepreneur who I have
the honor of calling a biz friend and mentor. When you enroll in the program, you’ll get his 8 Week EPIC LIST BUILDING course where he’s gonna share his 8-step system for how to create content that attracts, craft compelling copy and build MAGNETIC webinars that convert so that you can turn cold traffic into subscribers, and subscribers into raving fans (and of course, sell more of your courses too!)

VALUE: $997

high converting funnel.png

How to Create a High-Converting
Automated Webinar Sales Funnel

Want to put your course on ”set it and forget it” mode?
Automated webinars are my #1
FAVORITE way to bring in passive income!
I'll walk you through the exact
setup and process that I use for my own funnel
(which consistently produces 5 figure months) step-by-step.

VALUE: $897

Webinars for Introverts.png

Webinars for Introverts

If you want to learn how to put on a profitable and fun webinar
so that you can serve your audience and sell more courses
(EVEN if you’re an introvert like me!) then THIS bonus is for you!
Learn how to get comfortable on camera, engage your audience and
put on high-value webinars that’ll sell more of your courses.

VALUE: $667

Pinterest bonus.png

How to Grow Your Traffic, Audience & Email List With Pinterest

Want to learn the exact system that I use to
grow my audience and get new subscribers every single day
(who just happen to be interested in my courses)
on complete autopilot? With me getting 164,000+ monthly views and
47,000+ followers on Pinterest,
In this bonus, I’ll walk you through it all step-by-step!

VALUE: $297

grow your group bonus.png

Grow Your FB Group
To Grow Your Biz

A step-by-step look at exactly how to grow your tribe,
email list and course sales with a highly engaged FB group.
(The exact same process I’ve used to grow a group of
over 13,000 creative entrepreneurs!)

VALUE: $189

The value of the content + bonuses is $16,000+

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And that’s not some random, overinflated number pulled out of nowhere …

 If you show up and do the work, when you
complete the program you’ll

Have a clear understanding of your profitable niche and target audience
(which makes creating ALL of the content in your biz so much easier!)

Have already pre-sold your online course and gotten
first round of paying students- yay!
(The first time I pre-sold a course in 2017 I made over $12,000!)

Have a valuable asset created and DONE that you can now use to
create limitless, scalable income with in your business!

Understand how to effectively position and market your course
so that people actually wanna buy it (and you can
apply this knowledge to ALL of your offers to sell more stuff!)

Have developed the mindset of a six and seven figure online course creator
so that you can break through barriers and reach whatever goals you set.

And it’s also 100% possible that you can not only make enough
money to pay back what you spent on the program, but you’ll have already
created some serious PROFIT for your business.

Your Investment To Get Started
In This Life-Changing Program is Only $222


Your First 100 Sales From Your First Online Course comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. My hope is that your business and life are forever transformed with the mindset, marketing and course creation skills that you develop through this program! BUT. I also expect you to give it your very best effort.
That’s why in order to be eligible for my 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, you must submit proof that you actually went through the program and did the work.

If you do the full program + the coursework and don’t feel that it worked for you
and you submit your work within 60 days of purchase, then we’ll promptly refund your enrollment fee.
To be clear, if you do not include all of your completed coursework requirements within the 60 day period, then no refund will be issued. Read the full policy right here.

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"Way back in 2015, I used to feel like building a memorable and profitable online business was only for the experts. But, after finding Allison, my online business has grown by thousands of unique views & more income month, after month, after month."

- Kayla M Butler (Founder of



"With each course, Allison's knowledge has been invaluable. 
My sales have been much bigger so far this year, almost double than at this same time last year! I really cannot thank Allison enough, her help has been invaluable,
and the program has already paid for itself!"

- Julia Jooya,


 So What Happens When You Enroll?

When you enroll.png

1.) When you click on a payment option below, you’ll go to checkout where you’ll enter in your payment details! (And create a Teachable account if you don’t have one already.)

when you enroll 1.png

2.) Upon submitting your payment info, you’ll be taken to a thank you page that tells you that you’re successfully enrolled + are freak’in AMAZING! The button takes you to your course dashboard.

when you enroll 2.png

3.) You’ll get immediate access to the welcome module, module 0 and module 1 so you can get started (the rest of the modules + bonuses will be released once per week starting on July 1st.


This is a ONE TIME offer for the “Lite” version so that you can get all the content
you need but in a more “self study” fashion.
Please note that this “Lite” version will not be offered again! 😊

Wondering what makes this program different?
Allow me to explain what makes this different from anything else out there:

This program focuses on keeping the ENTIRE process SIMPLE and STRESS FREE.

  • You don’t have time to waste- I get it! (In fact, my BIGGEST pet peeve is wasting time.)
    And most other trainings that teach about online courses seriously overcomplicate things by giving you 10 million steps and 20 bazillion different things that you absolutely “MUST” do if you want to “be successful.” And what does THAT lead to? Wasted time. Overwhelm. Stress. Burnout. (I’ve been there, done that!)

    But after creating and launching profitable online courses for the last 4 years, I’ve discovered that
    the more SIMPLE and STRESS FREE you keep the entire process, the better RESULTS you get!
    (And the more FUN you have.) 😊

    That’s why this program focuses on keeping things ultra SIMPLE by giving you ONLY the most important steps that you actually need to take in order to maximize your results (while ditching the rest.)

It is SUPER step-by-step and easy to implement.

  • Nothing vague, no fluff. Everything is laid out super step-by-step and every single lesson ends with what SPECIFIC action step(s) you need to take in order to implement what you just learned. You really can’t mess it up if you just follow the steps! 😊

The strategies taught apply to ANY niche, not just marketing and business.

  • The reason I teach marketing and business is because that’s genuinely where my passion lies (I originally ran a successful wedding photography business and fell in love with entrepreneurship and business!) but the framework I’ve put together will work for ANY niche. That’s why I have successful students that teach special education, breastfeeding, french, copic marker art, tarot card reading and more.

I teach the MINDSET too, because that’s 90% of the work.

  • You can have ALL the steps and strategies in the world, but if you don’t have the right mindset,
    then you will struggle to grow. Mindset is what separates those who succeed VS those that “fail,” and most trainings about online courses ignore this completely! I give you tangible, actionable steps to
    developing the mindset of a six and seven figure course creator.

I’m right there with you inside the private FB group and coaching calls!

  • Not only am I giving you everything you need in order to successfully create and launch your online course, but I’m gonna be right there with you inside of the private Facebook group and on the live coaching calls! Ask me questions. Get feedback. Get support. Get accountability.

    I believe in you. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED. And I’m gonna be there every single step of the way!

There are people RIGHT NOW who
need the knowledge,
valuable skills, experience or gift
that YOU have.



Q: Who is this program for?

A: Anyone that wants to learn how to create and launch a profitable online course WITHOUT
all of the stress and overwhelm!

This includes content creators (like people who blog, create Youtube videos or create consistent content
for social media), coaches, influencers and freelancers.

It’s ALSO for you if you’ve already created an online course, but you know it could be doing better.
Like maybe it’s not getting the sales you had hoped for … the results for your students that you wanted them to get … perhaps the positioning and marketing are off … you don’t know how to effectively PROMOTE your course, etc.
You can go through this program with your existing course and give it a powerful makeover!

Q: Who is this program NOT for?

A: This program is NOT for you if you don’t want to learn how to create + launch an online course.

It’s also NOT for you if you’ve already created and launched an online course and you’re 100% satisfied with the revenue that’s coming in from it / the results that your students are getting.

Aaaaand it’s also NOT for you if you currently have zero online business / you’re not already online in at least some capacity creating some form of content for an audience.

Q: How long will the program take?

A: You can complete the ENTIRE program in 60 days or LESS if you devote at least 2-3 hours a week to going through the course work. This means that you can have your online course CREATED and LAUNCHED with your first round of paying students in less than 60 days! 🎉 (And you’ll have a valuable asset that you can then use to scale your income with. Yay!) 👊🏻

However, you also have lifetime access to the entire program, which means that you can technically start it whenever you want and go at whatever pace works best for you! 😊

Q: Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

A: Heck yeah we do! This program comes with a 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,
but it’s for ACTION TAKERS only.

Our hope is that your business and life will be transformed with the skills that you develop through this program! But we also expect you to give it your very best effort. That’s why in order to be eligible for the 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did all of the program coursework within 60 days of purchase.

If you go through the full program and don’t feel that it worked for you and you submit all of your coursework within 60 days of purchase, then we’ll promptly refund you your program fee in FULL. To be clear, if you do not include your completed coursework requirements within the 60 day period, no refund will be issued.

You can view the full refund policy right here.

Q: What if I don’t know what my course would be about yet? (Like I’ve currently got ZERO ideas!)

A: That’s perfectly okay, because not only will this program walk you through how to get clear on your profitable niche and target audience, but it’ll also walk you through the process of how to generate loads of course topic ideas that your audience will LOVE. 😊

And the best part? You can create a course on just about ANYTHING!

Q: What if I’ve already created an online course?

If you’ve already created an online course, but you know it could be doing better, then this program is for you.
Like maybe it’s not getting the sales you had hoped for … the results for your students that you wanted them to get … perhaps the positioning and marketing are off … you don’t know how to effectively PROMOTE your course, etc.

You can go through this program with your existing course and give it a powerful makeover!

Q: I don’t have an online business. At all. Is this
program for me?

A: No. This program works best for people who are at least already creating some form of content for a specific audience online. (For example, blogging, creating videos, podcasting or creating consistent value content on social media.) This course will not teach you the fundamentals of how to start an online business.

Q: What if I don’t have a big audience yet. Is this program for me?

A: YES! One of the great parts about LAUNCHING (which you’ll be learning how to do in the program) is that it also grows your audience. 😊 Plus when it comes to audience size, it’s about QUALITY (not quantity.)

PLUS, when you enroll before the doors close you will get an exclusive surprise BONUS from my friend James Wedmore: his EPIC LIST BUILDING COURSE! It’s an 8-Step system that gives you the step-by-step processes to create a list building machine (I’m talkin’ hands off--autopilot!) that will endlessly grow your audience.

With this never before offered special bonus, you’ll learn how to turn cold traffic into subscribers, and subscribers into raving fans. He even includes two types of list building strategies which he calls the tortoise (free and organic) and the hare (paid ads) strategies. And whichever you prefer to use, he’ll hand you the processes for BOTH! 🎉

Q: Does this program teach me how to start an online business?

A: No, but it WILL teach you how to create and launch a profitable online course! (And if you need help figuring out your specific niche and audience, we’ll cover that too.) But the program itself DOESN’T cover things like how to start your website, your email list etc.

HOWEVER, when you enroll you’ll get valuable bonuses that’ll teach you how to grow your audience, email list and more (yes, even if you’re starting from scratch!) 🎉

Q: I want people to have a real transformative experience that comes through connection and are supported by community. Do online courses work
for that??

A: Absolutely YES! I know from experience that an online course can work on it’s own to provide a transformational experience for many people.

However, you’ve also got the option to ADD to your online course to really take it to the next level. For example, you could have a “VIP” option and add in things like group coaching calls, a ‘next level’ coaching experience for a small group that’re willing to pay more, a mastermind or even LIVE events that are open to students of the course!

The online course allows people to enroll at a more entry “do it yourself” level, and then you can build additional layers for people who want more attention / in personal stuff from there. 👍🏻

Q: I’m traveling! Or I’m not quite ready to start the program yet. Can I purchase it now and start it later?

A: Totally. You’ve got lifetime access to ALL of the material AND updates, so start it whenever you want! 😊

However, a “live walkthrough” of the program is included for the first 12 weeks upon enrolling, which includes weekly live group coaching calls with Allison inside of the private Facebook group just for students. So if you want to participate in those, then you’ll want to start it sooner rather than later. 😉

Q.) Do I have to use a specific website platform or buy expensive software to take this program?

A: Nope!

At the very least, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A good microphone for creating your course so that you have good quality audio (and I recommend options starting at about $60!)

  • Somewhere to HOST your course (which you can technically do on your website, OR what I teach and recommend is using Teachable- and they have a free starter plan available!)

  • An email marketing provider. I use and recommend Convertkit (their plans start at about $29/month depending on the # of subscribers that you have), BUT you can also use a platform like Mailchimp, which is FREE if you have less than 2,000 subscribers. 👍🏻

Q.) How much access do I get to Allison?

A: This program comes with 10 group coaching calls with me for the first 12 weeks of the program and a private Facebook group (which will be open indefinitely) where I’ll be checking into twice a week for answering questions, giving feedback, etc.

So in other words … a lot. 😛

Q: Do I need this if I already have The Complete Online Business Blueprint?

A: No, because this program IS the new version of COBB! Which means that as a current student, you will have access to BOTH versions: the “old” Complete Online Business Blueprint that you already know, and this NEW program Your First 100 Sales With Your First Online Course. (You’ll get emailed an invite to gain access on Wednesday, June 19th.)

Still on the Fence?

Here’s what one of my students has to say …

still on the fence?.png


This is a ONE TIME offer for the “Lite” version so that you can get all the content
you need but in a more “self study” fashion.
Please note that this “Lite” version will not be offered again! 😊

 View the Full Refund Policy + Earnings Disclaimer Right Here